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Gold Mastercard Assistance

Save money and go on vacation with peace of mind! You and your family benefit from the many assistance offered by your Jazilek Gold Mastercard free of charge, provided that your travel and ancillary services (ski equipment rental, etc.) have been paid for with your card.

Take advantage of medical assistance and repatriation, hospitalization abroad, legal, snow…, during the first 90 days of your travels.

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Assistance médicale et rapatriement

Medical assistance and repatriation

The assistance of your Jazilek card organizes and pays for your transport as well as that of an accompanying person if your state of health or that of a member of your family requires emergency repatriation. The assistance service may liaise with the local doctor or your usual attending physician in order to make the best decisions regarding your transfer.

Assistance médicale et rapatriement
Frais médicaux et hospitalisation à l'étranger

Medical expenses and hospitalization abroad

If during your stay abroad, you have to incur medical costs, the part of these costs that would not be covered by your insurance organization would be reimbursed to you by your Jazilek card assistance. Furthermore, if your state or your loved ones requires hospitalization abroad, our support will proceed in advance of costs in the amounts provided in your contra t.

Frais médicaux et hospitalisation à l'étranger

Legal assistance abroad

In the event of legal proceedings abroad following an unintentional violation, your Jazilek Gold Mastercard card assistance will advance you the amount of the deposit within the limits of the amount provided for in your contract. If the lawsuits require that you be represented by a lawyer, your assistance participates in the payment of part of its fees within the contractual limits.

Chauffeur de remplacement

Replacement driver

If for one reason or another you and none of your passengers cannot drive your car while traveling abroad (United States, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Switzerland… complete list here ) your assistance Jazilek Gold Mastercard card provides you with a driver. The latter's mission is to bring you as directly as possible to your home. The driver's expenses are fully covered.

Chauffeur de remplacement

Snow assistance

You are blithely descending the white slopes when one of your skis crosses another one causing an inevitable fall… it's an accident. Please note that thanks to the assistance of your Jazilek Gold Mastercard, the costs of evacuation to the nearest hospital center as well as the costs of returning to your resort are covered. Note that the accident must have taken place on an authorized ski slope or during a mountain sports activity for you to benefit from this type of assistance.

Assistance neigeAssistance neige