A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing.

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The Jazilek credit card

The Jazilek card credit is a revolving credit. This is a permanent credit which is gradually reconstituted as your repayments are made. Thanks to this credit, you can manage and control your budget independently, without having to justify the use of the amount you want to have at your disposal. Cash flow freedom and flexibility that allows you to carry out your projects, to fill an overdraft or to pay bills on a daily basis ...

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Un crédit à la consommation

The Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card is coupled with a reserve of money (revolving credit) that you can have quickly and at any time as part of a consumer loan. This permanent credit allows you to finance your projects and meet an unforeseen cash flow requirement. You repay it according to your abilities, it is replenished and will be available again if needed.

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A credit that can be used without proof

Asking for a sum of money quickly and simply without having to justify its purpose is one of the strengths of the Jazilek revolving credit card. This credit, also called “unallocated loan”, is granted by Advanzia Bank to Jazilek card holders after verification of their repayment capacity.

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A quick credit

One of the many advantages of revolving credit is its speed of availability. For a variety of reasons, you may need unexpected financing in an emergency. Revolving or revolving credit is then the most suitable solution for your situation. You can have the money you need at any time by using your Jazilek card or by requesting a transfer to your usual bank account.

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Un crédit rapide

Revolving credit card

Once your card has been allocated, you will be able to benefit from the revolving credit linked to the Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card, to have cash, deal with certain unforeseen events or delay the payment of certain invoices. The amount of your credit will be calculated according to your income and your personal situation so that it corresponds to your repayment capacities and our commitment: to offer you a reasonable credit.

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