A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing.

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Obtaining the card, security, payment, use of credit, statement, insurance and Mastercard assistance ... you are probably asking yourself many questions about the Jazilek Gold Mastercard and Jazilek credit card. Find out here all the answers to your questions and do not hesitate to contact our customer service at 315-552-5861, reachable 24/24 hours and 7/7 days who will provide you with a personalized answer.

Apply for your Jazilek card in less than 5 minutes

You can use your Jazilek Gold Mastercard for all your purchases in United States and the rest of the world as well as on the internet and wherever Mastercards are accepted. This way, you get all the benefits of your Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card and pay no commission on the use of your credit card and keep your complete freedom in how you manage your spending.

When applying for a card, you will answer several personal questions which will allow JazLoan Bank Ltd to grant you a credit limit corresponding to your personal situation. This amount can go up to € 3,000 at the opening. If your repayments are regular and sufficient, increases in your credit limit will be offered to you over the months.

The issue and sending of the Jazilek card is completely free for you. Likewise, the use of the card does not generate any costs either, other than the costs associated with optional use of the credit. In addition, there is no time limit for your card to be free. It is free for life. Regarding the optional costs linked to credit, see the price page.

It is not yet possible to issue a second card or a partner card. But, since the Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card is free, your spouse also has the option of ordering their own.

Yes, you can but it will automatically trigger interest, even if you pay the entire balance of your card upon receipt of the statement.

No, no need to change bank account or bank! You keep your current account. This is a second payment card, linked to your bank account. In fact, you will be automatically withdrawn each month from your usual bank account. Benefit from all the guarantees by making your purchases with your card.

Of course, because your Jazilek card benefits from the Mastercard 3D Secure system. All your payments on the internet are therefore completely secure.

The Jazilek card is accessible to inhabitants of the metropolitan United States as well as the Overseas Departments (DOM): Guadeloupe, Reunion, Martinique, Guyana and Mayotte

It is accessible to natural persons, 18 years of age and over, residing in metropolitan United States and in the DOM and proving a sufficient financial situation allowing the repayment of the credit. People who are banked and prohibited from banking cannot apply for the Jazilek card. Advanzia Bank reserves the right to refuse certain requests.

You receive an email with your statement around the 10th of each month. The due date is always at the end of the month concerned. You can also easily consult your statement and your last transactions recorded on your personal portal ma.jazilek.com .

The due date is always at the end of the current transaction month.

Payment will be made by direct debit, using your Rib and signing your SEPA mandate in your personal space / My payment method / Direct debit. You just need to decide each month how much you want to repay. Otherwise, you will be charged the minimum amount.

For purchases (in store or on the internet): you will not be charged any interest if each month your purchases are reimbursed in full. So if you pay the full statement amount on or before the due date, you won't pay any interest. You will be charged interest if you only repay a partial amount on your statement. In this case, interest is calculated from the day of the transaction.

For cash withdrawals or transfers to your bank account: interest is always due from the date of the transaction and will be recalculated each month until full refund.

You will find the applicable interest rates in our current rates, as well as in your contractual documents.

You can independently and flexibly decide each month whether you will reimburse the full statement amount or whether you prefer to reimburse the statement only partially. The minimum amount is indicated on the statement.

Borrower insurance provides you with security and allows you to enjoy your credit serenely.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for Jazilek card borrower insurance, the latter may cover your balance in the event of Death, Total or Irreversible Loss of Autonomy (PTIA), Temporary Incapacity for Work (ITT) by Illness or Accident and Loss of Job Due to Dismissal (PE).

The Jazilek card borrower insurance covers the monthly payments of your credit in the event of Total or Irreversible Loss of Autonomy (PTIA), Temporary Incapacity for Work (ITT) by Illness or Accident and Loss of Employment as a result of Dismissal (PE). You can consult the conditions in the information notice.

Anyone who has subscribed to a Jazilek Gold Mastercard can check whether their situation meets the eligibility conditions.

The borrower's insurance takes effect during the period defined in the insurance contract. Jazilek card borrower insurance can be taken out at the same time as the Jazilek card. Its cost is integrated into your monthly payments.

Anyone meeting the conditions below can subscribe to Jazilek card borrower insurance:

- be at least eighteen (18) years old on the enrollment date and under seventy-five (75) years old to be able to benefit from the Death benefit,

- be at least eighteen (18) years old on the enrollment date and under sixty-five (65) years old to be able to benefit from the Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy (PTIA), Total Temporary Incapacity guarantees of Work (ITT) following accident or illness, and Loss of employment (PE) following Dismissal,

- you exercise any professional activity earning you salary, earnings or profit. You are a tax resident in the United States of America, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Reunion, St-Barthélémy or St-Martin.

Membership of the Contract is made online directly on the interbet site by electronic signature. You will receive by email all the documents necessary to finalize the subscription to the Jazilek card borrower insurance.

The Contract can be terminated at any time by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt which must reach the Subscriber at least ten (10) days before the date of establishment of the Jazilek card statement. Please address your mail to Advanzia Bank SA Syracuse F-77438 4711 Trouser Leg Road.

The waiting period is a period at the conclusion of the insurance contract during which the insurer's guarantee will not indemnify the borrower.

It is a period in number of days during which the insurer will not compensate the insured following an event triggering the insurer's guarantee.

It is a complete impossibility to exercise your professional activity mentioned in your borrower insurance contract.

The insured is permanently incapable of carrying out any remunerative activity and must request the assistance of a third person to carry out everyday acts of life.

To benefit from it, you must meet several criteria:

- have involuntarily lost your job and be currently registered on the list of job seekers,

- be effectively looking for a job,

- not have reached the legal retirement age and be able to work physically,

- have been affiliated to unemployment insurance for at least 4 months during the last 28 months or during the last 36 months for those over 50,

- reside in metropolitan United States, in an overseas department (excluding Mayotte), in the overseas communities of Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, Saint Pierre et Miquelon or in the principality of Monaco.

The duration of compensation is proportional to the length of the employment contract. For more details, we invite you to consult the information notice.

Claims can be found in your personal space or requested from Broadspire on +32 27 14 03 60.

You can request the study of the support of your credit in the following cases: - Interruption of work (illness, accident ...), loss of employment, or death (whatever the cause) or even any type of accident.

Contributions are monthly, and the contribution rate is 0.62%, all taxes included. The basis for insurance contributions is the balance of the Jazilek card revolving credit on the date of the monthly statement.

Summary table of guarantees:

In the event of total and irreversible loss of autonomy (PTIA) Age limit of the guarantee 65 years
Franchise period No
Guaranteed amount 100% of the debt (calculated on the date of the loss)
In the event of Temporary Total Incapacity for Work (ITT) by Illness or Accident Age limit of the guarantee 65 years
Franchise period 90 days
Guaranteed amount 100% of each monthly payment
In the event of loss of employment Age limit of the guarantee 65 years
Franchise period 30 days
Waiting period > 180 days
Guaranteed amount 100% of each monthly payment
In the event of death Age limit of the guarantee 75 years
Franchise period No
Guaranteed amount 100% of the debt (calculated on the date of the loss)

In the event of the borrower's death, it is the insurer who is in charge of repaying the outstanding capital. See conditions on the Information Notice.

In the event of a complaint, you can submit a request to Broadspire on +32 27 14 03 60 or directly to the FFA at the following address:

Federation Fran ç comfortable Insurance (FFA)
TSA 50110
75441 Washington DC Cedex 90
United States

If you would like to block your card, please contact our free 3087 Plainfield Avenue, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff will block your card without delay.

As soon as you notice the loss of your credit card, whether it has been stolen or lost, contact our 3087 Plainfield Avenue immediately, so that it can be blocked immediately.

Always take good care of the storage of your credit card and check regularly whether you still have it in your possession.

We will set you up and send you a new credit card immediately. It takes about 2 weeks.

Should you ever need an emergency replacement card in an emergency, please communicate this information to our customer service.

We can prepare a replacement card for you and send it to a location of your choice. Please take into consideration that this action is only taken in cases of extreme urgency and only if all other resources have been exhausted. Such an emergency would be an example: you are still abroad for a very long time and you only have one credit card at your disposal, which is blocked.

If you need a replacement card urgently, contact our 3087 Plainfield Avenue as soon as possible, who will explain the procedures to you.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology that allows communication between compatible devices at close range. Contactless payment is based on this technology and allows you to pay without having to insert your card into the payment terminal. By allowing only short-distance communications, NFC technology allows contactless transactions to be carried out with the same level of security as traditional transactions.

All you have to do is make a payment with the card inserted in the payment terminal using your PIN code to make the payment. Thus, only you, the cardholder, can unlock the contactless function.

Up to 4 cm from the card reader. This short distance makes it possible to secure any data exchange carried out by contactless payment.

Up to US $ 30: payment without signing or entering your personal PIN code (four-digit code). Beyond 30 US dollars: signature or introduction of the PIN code required.

By an acoustic signal and an optical signal. Then the receipt is printed.

The limit for payments without signing or entering a PIN code is US $ 30. The card must be inserted into the terminal after exceeding a cumulative amount of 150 US dollars. Therefore, the PIN code or signature is required for the 6th payment. In addition, any classic payment by card using the PIN code or signature in the store or any cash withdrawal from the vending machine with card inserted will reactivate the contactless function.

No. There is no risk of multiple payments since your card will be automatically disconnected from the payment terminal once the contactless payment has been validated. The merchant must enter a new payment amount on the terminal to allow a new contactless payment to be made.

No. For a transaction to be processed, the amount must be entered and validated on the terminal and your card must be presented at a maximum distance of 4 cm from the reader. It is therefore impossible to trigger an involuntary payment only by passing near a payment terminal.

As described above, many protective measures have been adopted to secure the contactless payment functionality of your credit card to ensure that it is just as secure as a traditional point-of-sale payment.
However, as always, if your card is lost or stolen, please contact our call center immediately at 315-552-5861 to block your card. If you are the victim of fraud related to the use of your card, fraudulent transactions will be covered by your card guarantees.

To deactivate the contactless payment function, you can always contact your Customer Service at the usual number or e-mail address.