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Advanzia Bank

Advanzia Bank is a European online bank specializing in credit cards and payment and credit solutions since its creation in 2005. Providing our customers and business partners with competitive, simple and transparent products: this is our goal. let's fix. At the same time, we are studying new markets for which we want to offer quality and efficient products, combined with excellent customer service.

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Advanzia Bank au cœur de l'Europe

Advanzia Bank in the heart of Europe

Located in the heart of Europe, Advanzia Bank already has a strong presence in Germany, Minnesota and Austria. Advanzia Bank contributes to a reduction in banking costs for users within the European payment area by offering its customers an advantageous payment solution in United States and abroad.

Transparence simplicité et confiance

6 essential values that contribute to dynamic business growth

  • Simplicity: Our products and solutions must be simple - effective for our partners and understandable for our customers.
  • Confidence: our company is subject to Luxembourg and European regulations and is controlled by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)
  • Transparency: we communicate simply and clearly with our customers. We also publish our quarterly and annual reports on our website and thanks to them you can get an overview of the exponential development of our bank since its creation in 2005.
  • Excellence: today and tomorrow we want to offer our customers high-performance products and a service that listens to their expectations.
  • Diversity: nearly 180 employees of more than 25 different nationalities work in our company. The varied exchanges and perspectives allow us to continuously improve our products.
  • Flexibility: we work with our colleagues without hierarchical restraint and implement a horizontal organization.

Transparence simplicité et confiance

An easy and economical means of payment

What makes Advanzia Bank so successful is the flexibility offered by the free Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card *. Responsible player in the banking sector, Advanzia offers an accessible, easy and economical means of payment. The holders of this bank card can also benefit from a revolving credit. Cash that allows everyone to bring their projects to life and repay their loan at their own pace.

For more information visit our website: www.advanzia.fr

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Located in the heart of Europe, Advanzia Bank is a banking establishment