A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing.

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* Offer valid for any new opening of a Jazilek card account. The activation of the card (ie its first use) must be done within a maximum period of one month following the card request.

  1. The date of the first use of the new customer's credit card (promotion period) is decisive for the examination of a recommendation and in order to receive the commission from Tellja GmbH. The bonus will be paid if the recommended person has used the GOLD Mastercard for at least one purchase.

  2. The recommendationi is limited to private use. Commercial recommendations not approved by Advanzia Bank SA are excluded. Advanzia Bank reserves the right to exclude individuals from the promotion if it is evident that they are acting for commercial purposes in connection with the sponsorship.

Please note that Tellja GmbH becomes your contractual partner directly and that the general terms and conditions of Tellja GmbH are decisive for the right to premiums. The CTG of Tellja can be accessed here.

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