A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing.

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Do you want to give credit to your projects?

What's better than the Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card?

Offered by Advanzia bank, the Jazilek card supports your desires in just a few clicks. No charge * credit card, it offers a multitude of advantages and offers services that will not leave you indifferent: Free credit up to 6 weeks * to carry out your projects, deferred payment to cover a bank overdraft, payment of your purchases free of charge * abroad…. Economical and reassuring, the Jazilek card does not hide any surprises, except that of satisfying you by its ease of use.

Apply for your Jazilek card in less than 5 minutes

With the Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card, you choose free, or rather FREE: that of the annual membership fees * imposed by a current account, as well as that of the fees for using your Jazilek bank card. Gold Mastercard outside French territory. In addition, these various advantages are granted without conditions of duration.

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An optional revolving credit or cash reserve

Thanks to the Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card, you have at your disposal a revolving credit, the use of which is optional. This is a cash reserve that allows you to make purchases, finance your projects or even make up an overdraft. For each statement you choose either to pay cash, in this case no interest applies or to pay only the minimum and the rest later on credit. Note that if you withdraw cash from an ATM or request a transfer of money to a bank account, this transaction will automatically result in an interest calculation. As and when your repayments, the amount of credit is renewed. You use this credit whenever you want, and so some months do not use your card, and this absolutely free of charge *.

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Better than bank overdraft: A free credit up to 6 weeks *

Use your Jazilek card and only reimburse at the end of the following month? It's possible ! You receive your statement on the 10th or 11th of each month and then have two weeks to reimburse it. A flexibility of repayment which then allows you to avoid having to resort to a very expensive bank overdraft! Note that if you withdraw cash from an ATM or if you request a transfer of money to a bank account, this transaction will result in an interest calculation which will be added to the amount of the sum used.

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No need to change bank to have your credit in 24 hours

You will get your Jazilek card without having to change bank. You can use your new Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card in addition to your usual bank card. Use your credit as you wish, a simple request in your personal space available 24 hours a day and the money will be transferred to your usual bank account. Freedom perfectly suited to your needs.

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A 100% online bank

Choosing the Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card offered by Advanzia Bank means benefiting from a 3087 Plainfield Avenue accessible free of charge and easily from the French fixed network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Modification of your personal data, consultation of your invoices, visibility of the latest transactions, transfer to your bank account… You can access your account at any time from your personal space.

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Une banque 100% en ligne
Nos tarifs avantageux

Our advantageous rates

From opening your account to operating it, including transaction and credit fees, find out in detail what your Jazilek Gold Mastercard credit card really costs. Understand, compare and appreciate our current rates for your credit card.

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Nos tarifs avantageux

The best solution for your internet purchases

Your Jazilek credit card is equipped with the latest technologies in terms of banking protection such as the EMV certified chip or even the Mastercard SecureCode. Innovations that ensure a high degree of security in your various daily transactions, whether these are carried out physically or online. Thanks to its ceiling and our systematic checks, the Jazilek card is perfectly secure for your purchases on the internet or by phone. In addition, in the event of a conflict with an e-merchant (non-receipt of a package), you benefit from the Mastercard refund guarantee.

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