10 LGBTQ+ Movie Characters Actually Played By LGBTQ+ Actors

Critics and audiences collectively recognize how important it is for the LGBTQ+ community to be positively portrayed in countless forms of media. As a result, it’s arguably more important than ever that queer characters be portrayed by actors within the community who can truly understand the emotional ups and downs of their characters.

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While many LGBTQ+ character types are less than perfect because they were written with outdated and false stereotypes in mind, queer representation in movies has come a long way. As LGBTQ+ characters continue to be given larger roles and portrayed by LGBTQ+ actors consistently, it’s crucial to remember that such representation has not always been the norm and that achieving it was not an easy task.

ten Andrew Scott’s character In Pride reminds viewers that gay male characters shouldn’t be limited by stereotypical archetypes

Based on a true story, Pride focuses on a “group of gays and lesbians” who voice their support for the UK miners’ strike of 1984-85 as these miners faced a parallel level of harassment from the authorities. The group, which calls itself Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), visits a random mining community to show its support.

Among the first members of the group is a gay couple, Jonathan and Gethin, the latter being played by Andrew Scott. Scott, perhaps best known for playing Moriarty in sherlockis gay and wanted to prove that not all gay characters need to be flamboyant to make an impact.

9 Adèle Haenel’s lesbian character in Portrait of a Lady on Fire crucially refutes contemporary historians’ attempts to ignore same-sex relationships

Portrait of a lady on fire tells the story of two cursed Sapphic lovers in 18th century Europe. Initially hired by the reluctant bride’s mother Héloïse to secretly paint her daughter’s wedding portrait, French painter Marianne gradually falls in love with Héloïse as they spend a lot of time with each other.

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Although Héloïse shares these sentiments, the two are ultimately separated by Héloïse’s arranged marriage to a Milanese nobleman. Adèle Haenel, who plays Héloïse, came out as a lesbian during her acceptance speech for the César Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2014.

8 Lena Waithe voices Pixar’s first openly lesbian cop in Outward

In addition to its refreshing thematization of brotherly love and self-acceptance, Ahead is notable for its inclusion of Pixar’s first openly lesbian character, Officer Spectre. While LGBTQ+ characters are often uniquely defined by their sexuality or gender, AheadOfficer Specter is much more than his sexual orientation.

Although Officer Specter has a minor role in the film, she proves to be a likeable character who knows first-hand how difficult it must be for her colleague Bronco to bond with her partner’s children. Officer Specter is voiced by Lena Waithe, a lesbian who publicly advocates the importance of black queer representation in the media.

seven Lucas Hedges’ portrait of a young man locked in an erased boy speaks to the suppressed horrors of gay conversion therapy

According to Garrard Conley’s eponymous memoir, erased boy follows its protagonist Jared as he is introduced as gay and forced into gay conversion therapy. erased boy chronicles the multiple horrifying realities of conversion therapy, from convincing LGBTQ+ minors that their sexuality is a choice to being told they only “think” they are gay because they had poor parenting growing up .

Although Lucas Hedges does not identify as gay, he does not identify as straight either. Instead, he sees his sexuality as a “fluid experience” and thinks his sexuality is far too complex to be seen through black-and-white labels.

6 Daniel Franzese played an openly gay character in Mean Girls before coming out publicly

Widely considered the most iconic coming-of-age film of the early 2000s, mean girls is a hard-hitting satire of the hard-core popular high school clique. Although characters like the bubbly but calculated Regina George marked the genre, mean girls is also notable for its convincing characterization of openly gay Damian (who is played by Daniel Franzese).

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However, what sets Franzese apart is that it was only released publicly in 2014, around the 10th anniversary of Naughty girlthe exit. Since coming out, Franzese has revealed in an interview with Gay Times that he and Jonathan Bennett (who plays Cady’s love interest Aaron Samuels) met while filming. mean girls.

5 Art mimics the life of a fantasy woman as Daniela Vega portrays a strong, transgender woman

A fantastic woman is a Spanish drama film that tells the story of Marina, a transgender woman whose life is turned upside down after the tragic death of her partner Orlando. Since Orlando was one of Marina’s few support systems, his death hits very close to home for Marina, and she’s forced to endure daily transphobic microaggressions on her own.

As a film showcasing some of the myriad terrible ways in which trans people are routinely treated, it was fitting for the film to cast a trans woman who could appropriately tackle such a weighty and endlessly relevant topic. Marina is graciously hosted by Daniela Vega, a trans woman who knows all too well how universally difficult the trans experience can be.

4 Keiynan Lonsdale plays romantic love interest Simon and is arguably the star of the film

Often described as one of the most important films that normalized LGBTQ+ representation in cinema, Love, Simon follows its closed protagonist Simon (Nick Robinson), as he navigates high school life. As if high school wasn’t tricky enough, Simon must balance his relationships while dealing with an unnamed classmate who threatens to kick him out of the whole school.

While the film’s lead role is straight, Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays Simon’s romantic interest Bram, is gay and does a fantastic job of bringing the quiet yet charming Bram to life.

3 Trace Lysette artfully weaves her experiences as a trans activist into her role in Hustlers

Famous for its incredibly star-studded cast and its thematization of how sex work is a worthwhile form of work, Hustlers has broken boundaries for its commitment to offering insightful commentary on an occupation rarely given the respect it deserves. In addition to featuring a diverse and refreshing cast of artists and actors, the film also represents notable LGBTQ+ talent.

One such talent is Trace Lysette, a transgender woman who plays Tracey, a trans stripper who works at the Moves strip club. As an activist within the LGBTQ+ community, Lysette was more than qualified for the role and effortlessly channeled her character’s emotional ups and downs.

2 Megan Fox’s portrayal of a bisexual succubus in Jennifer’s body made it a cult classic

Although it was recklessly marketed to a young, straight male audience when it was first released, Jennifer’s body has retrospectively become a cult classic among queer and female audiences for its refreshing motifs of female empowerment and the importance of taking control of one’s sexuality. Unfortunately, this poor marketing decision was mostly made because viewers are quick to assume that Jennifer is straight since most of her victims are male.

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However, it becomes clear that the succubus is bisexual when she shares a kiss with her best friend near the film’s climax. Jennifer is played by Megan Fox, a bisexual actress who always knew by nature that she was attracted to both genders.

1 Tessa Thompson’s bisexual character in Thor: Ragnarok proves why LGBTQ+ representation is crucial in all film genres

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t begin to offer sufficient LGBTQ+ representation until Phase Four, characters like Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder prove that it is better late than never. While Valkyrie’s bisexuality is only vaguely mentioned in Thor: Ragnarokshe had plenty of time to shine in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Her sexuality comes through in several scenes, such as when she sensually kisses the hand of one of Zeus’ wives and briefly opens up about her reluctance to fall in love again. Valkyrie is hosted by Tessa Thompson; a queer actor who is attracted to both genders.

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