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By Lynda Wheatley | April 30, 2022

Our editor comes from a long line of Manhattan drinkers. His family recipe has always been two fingers of cheap Canadian whiskey, a finger of cheap sweet vermouth (usually Gallo), a pinch of bitters, and a single wax-like canned cherry (also cheap). So imagine her admiration for the Brasserie Amie in Traverse City, when a Manhattanite let her question her entire upbringing. Because she prefers bourbon to whiskey, the bartender pointed her to a bottle of Woodbridge. Then he bypassed the Gallo for Carpano’s Antica formula, skipped the bitters, and dipped in a homemade alcoholic cherry. Damn it ! She was so taken with the creamy, slightly sweet delight that she asked for the recipe. The nice miss who answered the phone not only told her about the vermouth the Amie uses, but also directed her to The Beverage Company at TC, where it is sold! Our writer’s homemade version (replacing Amie’s drizzled cherries with the $18 but worth it Luxardo Maraschino cherries, also available at Bev Co.) wasn’t as dazzling as Amie’s, but much better than his cherished family recipe.

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