An aerial art photographer shows us his squash court from above

An aerial art photographer has used a drone to capture images of a squash court for his latest work, inspired by his time at school.

The award-winning Australian photographer, based in New York, has released a new series of concept art titled Vacantwhere he brings his fascination with surrealism and geometric art to his audience.

Walls realized the idea for his project after visiting a squash court he played on in high school. Intrigued by the vast empty space and line drawing of the yard, he was hooked.

(Brad Walls)

“As an artist, you try to take your work to the next level, find new scenes, test the limits,” Walls explains. “A 20 m² box using a drone was the next challenge. I had to crash.

Walls is widely known for his Swimming pools from abovephotography project, where he used a drone to take images of swimming pools.

(Brad Walls)

(Brad Walls)

Creating Vacant, Walls wanted to create a pure, clinical and retro-futuristic theme, using white and touches of red. He said: ‘To combat the claustrophobic nature of a squash court, I filled the space with as much white as possible, including the mannequin’s wardrobe, to prevent the scenes from becoming too much’ locked away’.”

The futuro wardrobe the models are dressed in is used to contrast with the retro 1980s nature of the squash court. Walls says, “I’ve always loved retrofuturism: the tension between the future and the past is intriguing. movies like Gattaca, blade runner and Beyond the Black Rainbow were instrumental in my understanding of the genre.

(Brad Walls)

“Death by Prospect”

(Brad Walls)

As in Walls’ other series, he employs a similar choreographic style, opting for static mid-movement poses. “The direction of movement is meant to be artificially detached from the environment,” he explains. “They tell a story, but I don’t want to tell the whole story – I love the idea of ​​seduction in my work.”

Duplicity, figure symmetry, and negative space are seen throughout the series – trademark compositional techniques that can be seen throughout Walls’ oeuvre.

(Brad Walls)

He uses these techniques to realize his vision of subtle geometry in his work. “Geometry provides an index of coherence in an ever-incoherent world,” he explains. “Innately, humans are drawn to it. Me, maybe more.

Brad Walls’ first book, ‘Pools from Above’, will be published in October. To learn more about Brad Walls and his fine art aerial photography, visit or his Instagram @bradscanvas

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