Atlanta crime, RA Sushi Bar shooting committed by chef witness

A security guard intervened and was shot dead by the chief, the witness said.

ATLANTA – A shootout at a popular Midtown sushi bar Thursday night began as an argument between a chef and a bartender, a witness said, leaving a security guard who intervened injured.

The incident happened at RA Sushi Bar on Peachtree St. in the heart of Midtown. Malcolm Archibald, a waiter at the neighbor’s house Sugar factory, told reporters that employees in the restaurant and bar industry in the area had known the chef had been unhappy for some time.

“One of the bosses decided he was upset, was done with it all and attacked a security guard,” Archibald said.

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Police have yet to provide an update on the security officer’s condition or provide information on the search for a suspect. Archibald said the chief was gone by the time police arrived.

He called it “one of the craziest nights I’ve seen in Atlanta”.

“I’m trying to serve my guests and there was the biggest boom – we all thought something fell, we all thought something fell, but it ended up being an attack,” Archibald said. “We’re in Midtown, you know, you don’t expect these things.”

He said the chef had long been agitated and upset with other RA staff and had an argument with a bartender on Thursday night. When the security guard intervened to break him, he was shot, according to Archibald.

He said he believed it happened right outside the restaurant, in full view of the guests.

“So much commotion – waiters, staff, everyone running around trying to get away,” he said, describing the scene. “Five minutes later, security outside blood on the sidewalk, not what you’d expect in Midtown.”

“People come here to relax, to lower their shoulders, this is where we have fun, where we have a drink to celebrate life,” he added. “It’s so surprising. I’m so glad things like this don’t happen (often), but today has been a crazy day.”

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