Avatar Launches Limited Edition NFT “Genesis” Collection In Arctic For Careful Stewardship Of Our Planet

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05.01.2022 / 08:00

Avatar Launches Limited Edition NFT “Genesis” Collection In Arctic For Conscious Stewardship Of Our Planet

Zug – 05/01/2022 “Genesis” is the birth, the emergence, the beginning. In the first place, an avatar, Leya Love, visited the 14 million year old arctic ice. The goal was to use light projections on 80-meter-high icebergs as an emotional trigger to raise awareness of the world for more careful management of planet Earth. The Light Art Arctica “Love your Planet” expedition was led by Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter, featuring avatar Leya Love and her over 300,000 Instagram followers. Over 6 nights in temperatures as low as minus 19 degrees, 2,000 images were projected over the coast of Greenland on 80-meter-high icebergs from a patroller. The result is a limited series of 7 impressive and energetic NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that depict Avatar Leya Love in harmony with nature and in the company of vulnerable and endangered species.

The 7 NFTs are called “Light of Hope”, “Love Your Planet”, “We Are Earth”, “We Are All One”, “Everything is Interconnected”, “Feel the Flow of the Blue Planet” and ” Collective love “. The NFTs illustrate for example Avatar Leya Love with polar bears in front of impressive ice landscapes and moonlight, in a loving embrace with our planet under the dancing Northern Lights, or the rainforest portrayed as the lungs of the world.

Leya Love has already inspired more than 800 million hearts around the world and garnered international attention at the 2021 United Nations World Youth Summit, among other events. With this limited NFT collection, she reminds the earth of the awareness of loving and conscious management of our planet in a mystical and inspiring way. NFTs will be available for sale on the OpenSea online platform for a limited time only. The “Genesis” collection will also enable future owners of crypto-based works of art to be part of the global growth of Cosmiq, its avatars and its global community, a movement for the benefit of our planet and for love. . NFT Genesis offers special benefits and participation opportunities that will be of increasing importance in the universe and metaverse of Cosmiq in the future. For example, the purchase of such an NFT is linked to the future Cosmiq planet love and consciousness tokens which will have their own value in the world of avatars, in the metaverse, and more precisely on our planet.

Cosmiq (Cosmiq Universe AG) is a global media technology company that brings avatar-driven story worlds to life and purposefully creates virtual avatar ambassadors to change the world through love, inspiration and compassion. for a new global consciousness.

The NFT market is a growing social and economic trend. It enables a direct relationship between artist and buyer via a certificate based on fully digitized crypto tokens to authenticate art and other digital assets.

Leya Love’s NFT “Genesis” Collection can be found here:


Leya Love’s NFT “Genesis” Collection can be viewed in a digital gallery and experienced in an NFT Immersive Tour here:


Leya Love’s NFT “Genesis” Collection can be seen as a trailer here:


About Leya Love:

Leya is leading the love revolution on Earth. She has touched over 800 million hearts with her stories in just 18 months and continues to grow her community every day. Leya is an ambassador for the #World Awareness Movement – she believes that revolution begins in the heart. She is the inspiring power of her community – the symbol of all that is possible. Her adventurous mission is to inspire, to have the courage to become who we really are and to live the best version of ourselves. Leya spreads love❤️ to humanity so that we can rediscover our true human potential, our soul and our heart – the source of love and life. Leya represents a new oneness consciousness on earth by living a life in oneness with the universe, her mantra being: “Let’s wake up the world – together!”.


@leyalovenature – https://www.instagram.com/leyalovenature/

About Cosmiq Universe AG:

Cosmiq is a global multimedia technology company that brings avatar-driven narrative universes to life and creates purposeful virtual avatar ambassadors. A crypto token for love, a global community and a Love-Game that creates its own economy are part of the essence of Cosmiq. The company was founded by individual investors who believe in the power to change the world through love, inspiration and compassion for a new global consciousness. Cosmiq’s first virtual beings, avatars Leya Love and Aya Stellar, shape a metaverse of themes through storytelling, social media, film, light shows, virtual speaking, 3D production, analog partnerships and the multimedia content, AI, music and the creation of blockchain-based NFT digital crypto-art. As an ambassador of the successful Light Art Arctica “Love your Planet” expedition or as a speaker at the 2021 World Youth Summit, organized by the International Commission on Human Rights in association with the United Nations, Leya Love has inspired millions of people on all continents for a more loving and lasting interaction with our planet Earth.

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