Bartender quits, goes viral after boss slams him for drinking on day off

A bartender went viral after screenshots were shared of him telling his boss he was quitting after being reprimanded for drinking on his day off.

The mysterious bartender became an internet sensation after sharing his ‘Goodbye, I’m leaving this job’ style post – which had a rather straightforward approach.

But people were on his side – many remained shocked his boss contacted him at 3 a.m. about the work written The Mirror.

Many people were also left out by the man’s response. captured in screenshots to his boss demanding that he never get drunk.

In a message sent at 2:59 am, her boss wrote: “I need you to come from 11 am to 10 pm today, we have an event planned and a bartender.”

“It’s not all about you.”

The man politely reminds his boss that it was his day off tomorrow so he couldn’t work.

But his unimpressed boss urged him to “be a team player,” adding, “It’s not just about you.”

The man responded by asking, “Why did you just tell me at 3 am that you need me to work 11 am tomorrow?”

“I had a few drinks and I don’t feel like having a hangover at work and working that long on my day off.”

Her boss replied laconically that “getting drunk is not a good idea,” which left people in a mess.

The man replied, “You tell the bartender not to drink in his free time? Do you mean to tell the chefs not to eat in his free time too?” with a laughing emoji.

He then points out that he could have worked the shift if his boss had contacted him at a reasonable time.

But his boss didn’t like it, as he warned him that they would “talk about this attitude” the next time he visited.

So the man did what many of us dreamed of – he quit, which his manager clearly panicked immediately.

He wrote, “We need bartenders everywhere now. I think I’ll just go work in one of the dozen places that are hiring here. I’m sick of you.”

And when his boss told him he would regret it, he just replied, “Eat my a **.”

The posts went viral after sharing them on Reddit, where one person commented, “He asked and you said no. He has absolutely no right to tell you how you should behave when you are not in the office. job.”

Another said: “If they want people to stay ready to work, they should pay them for that availability.”

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