Bartender recounts fatal 6th Street shooting in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas – One person was killed and thirteen others were injured in a mass shooting on 6th Street in downtown Austin over the weekend.

A bartender who witnessed the shooting recounted the moments of chaos and panic that followed.

“From what I know, the shooting happened like in that area right here… I was standing in that corner right over there,” said Taylor Blount.

He had come out of the bar where he worked on 6th Street to breathe, when gunshots rang out early Saturday morning around 1:30 a.m.

Mass shooting scene on 6th Street. (Credit, Taylor Blount)

He was about 600 feet away.

“Everyone started to run in different directions, people were falling,” said Blount.

He said he ran inside the bar and locked the doors.

“The first thing I thought about was loving, making sure I protected the people who were in my bar and getting everyone to cover up honestly,” Blount said.

He says a few minutes later he came out the back door of the bar and saw police carrying an injured man.

Police are working to help the injured man. (Credit, Taylor Blount)

“He had a gunshot wound to the right rib,” Blount said.

He said he felt it was safe. “After there was no more shooting for about two minutes, and after seeing the police response … then we kind of opened the doors and started chasing people,” Blount said. , who then took pictures of the aftermath.

“It cleared up pretty quickly after that. It was dead. Probably in about 15 minutes everyone was leaving, ”said Blount.

He says less than 12 hours later 6th Street was back as usual.

“At noon, there were plenty of bikers. Everything was brought to a halt again, their bikes lined up four blocks across the street. And a lot of people are drinking at noon Saturday, ”Blount said.

Although the historic district appears to be back to normal, Blount says he won’t be so quick to forget.

“Obviously there is an air of caution everywhere now. And a lot of people will be somehow more nervous, especially on September 1st when the unlicensed transport [goes into effect]”said Blount.

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