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We’ve all been there: the pounding headache, the nausea, the agony – a debilitating sense of regret followed shortly by the promise to never go through it again.

Hangovers are the worst. Yet on January 1, millions of people around the world will undoubtedly wake up to find themselves in the depths of dehydration and despair.

Lucky for you, the Daily Journal has put together the best tips and tricks from six local bartenders to make you feel on top even if you have one too many:

Alisa Rosado, bartender at Bucky’s Cocktail Lounge in San Mateo

The night of: “The best thing to do is drink water between glasses, a lot of people don’t… If you drink high quality alcohol often, you won’t get a hangover. as hard as if you drink alcohol well.

The next day: “Mexican soups are great for a hangover, any Mexican soup like posole, menudo, all these soups are amazing … Also if you take a lime slice and dip it in.” in bitter angostura and then suck on the lime, it’s supposed to make you instantly feel better. Or a shot from Fernet-Branca, that’s good.

Amber D-Antonio, bartender at Mardi Gras Lounge in Redwood City

The night of: “One or two glasses of water throughout your drinking period will help you with a hangover. Avoid tequila. … Drink water and two aspirins before going to bed. Your hangover will be gone by morning.

The next day: “I go to one of the Mexican taquerias and I eat the barbacoa tacos with a side dish, the sauce that goes on the side, it’s delicious. Pleasant, warm and spicy, perfect for a hangover.

Owen Molloy, third generation owner of Molloys in South San Francisco

The night of: “Stay without sugary drinks. The sweeter the drink, the worse the hangover.

The next day: “A horseradish bloody mary, that’s what I drink when I have a hangover. I think the heat of horseradish and the vodka of Bloody Mary gets you going.

Robert Wood, bartender at Yuppie Bar in San Mateo

The night of: “Wine for one gives a really bad hangover. Fireball, sweet whiskey, Goldschlager, anything sweet definitely gives you a hangover.

The next day: “Alka-Seltzer, every time, it’s guaranteed.

Bob Palomar, bartender at the Saddle Room Bar in Redwood City

The night of: “The best hangover cure is not to drink to begin with. … If you do, I would drink some sort of sweet thing like soda or something on the side. Water only hydrates you; a soda will give you more sugar for the body to eat so that it does not take up all the sugar from the alcohol. Just drink responsibly.

The next day: “You have to get spicy the next day, spicy food, a michelada, anything spicy will help you.” I don’t know why it works, maybe it helps you sweat.

Priscilla Cruz, bartender at Mariners Point Bar in Foster City

The night of: “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. [Stay away from] something sweet.

The next day: “Bitters and sparkling water help. It works because the bubbles, the bubbles for your tummy. Anything that absorbs alcohol, bread, fast food, I always do McDonalds in the morning.

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