Brownsville pays LA artist $ 20,000 for downtown mural

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Public information requested shows Los Angeles-based artist Teddy Kelly was paid $ 20,000 for his mural on the Capitol Theater building in downtown Brownsville.

Last month, the City of Brownsville and mural artist Teddy Kelly unveiled the city’s largest mural, painted on the Capitol Theater building on Levee Street. Kelly’s mural is one of three murals to be painted downtown in an attempt to “reclaim space for artistic expansion” and “promote cultural awareness,” according to a press release sent out by the city. The Downtown Mural Program was funded by the Musk Foundation.

Mixed reactions to the mural circulated on social media shortly after the mural ended. While some praised Kelly’s work, others felt that the money given to the city by the Musk Foundation should have stayed in the community.

The town of Brownsville struck a deal with Kelly in early August that said Kelly would be tasked with “creating a mural” designed by himself and “selected by the community.”

Reference photo in the agreement between artist Teddy Kelly and the Town of Brownsville. [Source: Public Records]

Kelly was to receive two installments of $ 10,000, paid at the start and at the end of the project.

Documents have been provided and a reference photo has been included in the agreement.

Mexican artist Sophia Castellanos is the next artist to paint a mural for the program. She says she will start on October 10.

Director of Government and Community Affairs Ramiro Gonzalez told ValleyCentral they wanted someone from the corner or region to paint the third mural. The city has not announced a selection.

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