Chandler’s author-artist takes care of this season

Chandler’s author-artist takes care of this season

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Chandler’s novelist and artist Laurie Fagen is a busy woman.

She has just released the third novel in the “Behind the Microphone” mystery series, while her other interests keep her active during the holiday season.

Longtime Fox Crossing author and journalist has published his third novel in the series, titled “Bleeder”.

Its protagonist, a Chandler Radio crime reporter named Lisa Powers, helps police solve unsolved cases and because she’s in a serious criminal world all day she writes mysterious podcasts about the murder at night.

The main screenplay for “Bleeder” centers on “the often silent but violent world of domestic violence,” Fagen explained. “My protagonist is also investigating an unresolved case which could also be the result of a domestic incident.”

At the same time, Powers is covering the trial of a cop gunman who took her hostage in the previous novel “Behind the Mic”, titled “Dead Air”.

Fagen built on his previous broadcaster career to take readers behind the scenes of this trial.

She used her experience running a contemporary art gallery in Chandler for her character’s podcast, titled “Art of the Steal,” where a gallery owner is found dead, a painting is missing, and many suspects emerge.

Fagen on his website,, writes that the domestic violence story that launches “Bleeder” comes “mostly from my imagination, with a little help from various writers at police academy sessions to which I’ve attended over the years. Some of the cops’ information on ‘DV’ also comes from discussions with law enforcement at these workshops. “

Fagen had a three-decade journalism and video production career that included KTAR News Radio in Phoenix; KWWL-TV, an NBC affiliate television station in Waterloo, IA; The Phoenix Channel, the Phoenix city government access cable television channel; as owner of Word Painting and screenwriter, producer and director of corporate video; and as the former owner and publisher of SanTan Sun News, with her late husband, Geoff Hancock.

Fagen will also be showcasing her fiber and jewelry work on display and for sale during the 25th Annual Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour at Images Studio # 18, 6925 E. Windstone Trail, Scottsdale.

Additionally, Fagen Designs fiber wall art can be seen at the Fineer Arts Gallery, a new art space at 6137 E. Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek.

She will volunteer at the Gallery from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on December 5 and 11. Info:, and

Fagen will also sing Christmas carols accompanied by pianist Pam Morita of Phoenix along with several other artists at a holiday concert at 7 p.m. on December 3 to raise funds for the House of Broadcasting Museum.

The nonprofit House of Broadcasting is dedicated to educating the public and preserving and celebrating the history, personalities and paraphernalia of radio and television in Arizona. It is one of five museums in the country dedicated to the broadcasting industry. The other four are in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Washington DC

Everyone who is on stage has worked on radio and television.

It will be played live at Central United Methodist Church, Kendall Hall, 1875 N. Central, Phoenix, and then rebroadcast on AZTV Channel 7 ( Information: Tickets: 602-944-1997.

Chandler’s author-artist takes care of this season

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