Diddy passed on a major artist for Bad Boy Record Label

Chris Brown is one of the greatest artists in modern music, with comparisons to Michael Jackson. But not everyone saw their star quality early. While shopping for a record label early in his career, he met Diddy hoping to get on Bad Boy Records. Diddy made the decision to pass on Brown.

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Diddy died signing Chris Brown

Brown was discovered by a local record label in his hometown of Virginia, Hitmission Records. In his mid-teens, he moved to New York to fully pursue his career and began seeking offers from major labels. By appearing on the podcast Drink championsthe singer revealed that Diddy died while signing him on his debut.

“The funny thing – a lot of people don’t really know it, but Diddy turned me down,” he told the hosts. “It’s love now. It’s family, it’s my brother now.

At the time, Brown was not a solo artist. “I’m going to keep it at 100. So I was about 12 at the time. That was before I signed on to Def Jam,” he continued. one of my production managers named TJ, he’s my brother to this day Me and him were like a band.

A bidding war for Chris Brown has started between several record labels

Despite Diddy’s passing, Brown had other options. News of his singing, dancing and performing abilities spread quickly and other labels were vying for the young star.

His first major option was with the Island Def Jam Music Group, which was led by Antonio “LA” Reid at the time. At his first audition, Reid offered Brown a contract to sign the same day, but Brown declined his offer.

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Negotiations with Def Jam continued for two months and ended when Brown’s direct connection to the label, Tina Davis, lost her job due to a corporate merger. Brown asked her to be her manager, and once Davis agreed, she introduced him to other labels, including Jive Records, J-Records, and Warner Bros. Records.

Brown eventually signed with Jive, mainly because they had success with other young pop artists such as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. “I chose Jive because they had the most success with young artists in the pop market,” he once explained. “I knew I was going to capture my African American audience, but Jive had a lot of pop strength as well as career longevity.”

Dr Dre passed on Eve for Eminem

Diddy wasn’t the only label head to turn down a future star in favor of another. In 1998, Eve caught the eye of Dr. Dre and signed to his label, Aftermath. Despite recording dozens of songs for her debut album with Dre, her project stalled.

“I remember working with Dre, Eminem was signed,” she recalled during the BET docuseries, Chronicles of Ruff Ryders. To make sure she keeps Dre’s attention on her, Eve went to great lengths to keep him impressed.

“I would literally show up to studio sessions where I wasn’t supposed to be where I knew Dre was going to be and be like, ‘So when do I record? When are you gonna put me in a song? What’s going on ? “, she said. “I think he got fed up and then I was dropped eight months later.”

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