EFE photographer wins Panama journalism award


Panama City, May 20 (EFE) .- EFE news agency photographer Bienvenido Velasco was honored Thursday at Panama’s 2021 National Journalism Awards for an image he took of two migrants of thousands of people passing through the country on its way to North America.

“The Path of Immigration to Darien” won the Best Journalistic Photography category at the Journalists’ Forum virtual awards ceremony broadcast by the national network SerTV.

The photo was taken in La Peñita, a small Panamanian town near the border with Colombia, in May 2019, when a new wave of migrants arrived in Panama after crossing the dangerous Darien jungle, the natural border between the two. country.

The piercing image shows a woman from behind as she carries her son, who looks up as she sucks on his mother’s earring.

Recalling the moment he took the photo, Velasco, who has worked at EFE since 2018, said what touched him the most about migrants in Darien was the tranquility of the children.

“Seeing this woman walking to a shelter with her son while he played with the earring – the child’s gaze was the most shocking, because there the basic needs, at the time, were precarious. , and keeping the children in this system of shelters is very difficult. Said the photographer.

Velasco also won the National Journalism Awards in 2013, and in 2019 he won a Minister of Labor and Workforce Development award for an image protesting the increase in imports into the country. EFE

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