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The iRacing Global MX-5 Series season recently wrapped up with a local man from Elizabethton finishing #1 in North America and #10 overall in the world.

Brandon Hyde ended the grueling 12-week streak and finished with points ahead of runners in every country except Brazil, Italy, Australia and the Benelux region. There were 50,000 participants over the whole season.

Iracing is the leading competitive simulation racing platform known for its unparalleled competition, often used by professional racing drivers to hone their skills.

The iRacing service soared to even greater heights during the pandemic as races were officially broadcast on platforms such as NBC. Simulation racing is one of the few eSports that translates almost 1:1 to the real world, as many professional simulation racers have pursued professional racing careers

Hyde has been involved in sim racing since the late 90s, but started racing competitively after meeting fellow sim racer Jim Barker at the Elizabethton Motor Show, who encouraged him to get started with iRacing.

“Jim has always been a mentor and support in this area,” Hyde said. “He gives me advice and provided me with equipment that I couldn’t otherwise afford. I wouldn’t be here without the support of people like him and my family.”

Since 2016, Hyde has specifically used virtual reality to advance the race. He followed the industry over the years and became a specialist in building and fine-tuning VR systems for sim racing.

“Virtual reality takes it to a whole new level. You’re in the car and you see so much more like real life,” he said. Hyde hopes to add motion simulation on the road

The iRacing season takes place over a three-month period at laser-scanned race tracks such as Laguna, Seca and the Roval in Charlotte, to name a few. After a strong start to the season, Hyde knew he had a shot at a top-10 finish, which has always been his goal for the season.

“Going into the last race of the season at Laguna I was sitting in 12th with an uphill climb. The two guys in front of me in points were going very fast, one being a professional Australian rider. It didn’t have looks good, but I was able to score my best points of the season last weekend, which moved me up to 10th overall and 1st in North America and other regions,” Hyde said.

Hyde has always been a big fan of motorsport and after a short career as a go-kart driver with his sons, he knew sim racing had big appeal with time and budget constraints.

“I always felt like I was missing my calling with racing. Sim racing gives guys like me a chance to develop skills and progress in the sport. to be driving a real Miata at some point.

When Hyde isn’t hard at work in the simulator, he builds professional simulation racing rigs for venues and individuals. He recently launched Sim Racing Consultants with Barker, which offers sim racing consulting/coaching and professional sim rig builds. They can be reached at 423-291-1234.

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