God of War artist Ragnarok theorizes how playable Atreus works


A concept artist from God of War theorized Atreus’ role in the upcoming Ragnarok.

Speaking on the God of War podcast recently, Sony Santa Monica concept artist Samuel Matthews was asked how the developers would theoretically approach the possibility of making Atreus playable in God of War Ragnarok. “There is so much you could do out there,” Matthews said. “You can fork the two characters in different directions to be alone for a while,” Matthews theorizes again, joking that the player would do nothing but unleash endless bursts of arrows as Atreus.

This all follows Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2, which introduces players to a new playable character in Abby. There’s no doubt players weren’t expecting to play as a new character in the sequel, so Matthews compares making Atreus playable to Abby’s introduction to The Last of Us 2, mentioning how Ragnarok could take Atreus on a new path of history. just like Abby.

However, this is absolutely no confirmation that Atreus will be playable in any way in God of War Ragnarok. All of Matthews’ comments on the God of War podcast were purely speculative, and if we’re actually surprised to play Atreus in the upcoming sequel, then the concept artist does a great job of hiding it.

Right now, we know very little about the upcoming Sony Santa Monica sequel. The end of the God of War reboot in 2018 certainly pointed to a showdown with the mighty Thor, but in the podcast Matthews says he thinks gods like Thor and Odin should be held back until a potential third match, speaking of “The emotional” reward that retaining the two characters would end up bringing.

As for Sony Santa Monica and the official PlayStation line on God of War Ragnarok, both sides are keeping their cards close to their chests. Director Cory Barlog said the game will launch “when it’s finished” just a few months ago, and PlayStation isn’t even revealing if Ragnarok will be exclusive to the next-gen PS5 like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, or though it will also arrive on PS4 as the next Horizon: Forbidden West.

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