GTA Online: How to Complete Bar Restock

GTA online is filled with lots of activities like scoring heists, participating in races, starting your business and also taking care of those businesses. One of the investments you can make in GTA online buys and manages a Clubhouse that comes with its own unique side missions and activities. One of those missions asks players to restock the bar, and here’s the guide on how to do that in GTA online.

How to replenish the bar in GTA Online

As a member of Criminal enterprise update released a while ago, a new activity has been added to the Clubhouse owner, which is to restock the bar in-game. These types of missions usually become available once the manager of that company calls you and asks for help. In the case of Clubhouses, it would be Malc you would call. But there’s no way to trigger the call, so what you have to do is go to your clubhouse and talk to the bartender.

After receiving the phone call or talking to the bartender, the bar restocking mission will begin with Malc providing you with the necessary information. Then the location of the supplies will be marked on your map. Like all the other missions of GTA online, you will face enemies, so take care of them then steal the vehicle.

Once you have the van, a meter will show how much supply you have in the vehicle. Crashing the car or taking bullets from a rival motorcycle club will reduce the amount of supply you have. Doing this with a friend will be much easier since you’ve been driving and your friend is clearing the way by shooting the bikers, or vice versa.


GTA 5 and Online Update 1.43 Patch Notes

Completing the missions will net you $30,000 with some RP. Your bar will also become more popular, which has a direct effect on the revenue it can generate.

GTA online is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox series X|S.

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