Harleston family find 19th century Jean Victor Louis Faure painting worth up to £50,000 ahead of Dreweatts auction

A family in Harleston have been shocked to find that an artwork that has hung in their home for over half a century could be worth up to £50,000.

The oil painting – by the famous 19th century French painter Jean Victor Louis Faure – was originally purchased by the present owner’s father, a Major H Mosse of the Priory of Mendham, in 1965 and hung in the lobby of home for nearly 60 years.

It wasn’t until the Mosse family decided to leave the house that the Major’s son began to ponder the value of the piece, titled Market Day, The Pantheon, Rome.

Market Day, The Pantheon, Rome captures the Pantheon in all its glory. Image: Drewatts

Mr Mosse said: ‘My first memory of this photo was the prominent position it occupied in the hallway of the family home, where it witnessed the comings and goings of family life, the many great friends who visiting him and even a wedding reception.

“To most, it was simply seen as an impressive image occupying a large wall space, with the occasional glance to acknowledge its existence.

“It wasn’t until the end, when the house was emptied and only the painting remained, still hanging on the wall in its same prominent position, that it stood out even more.

“It piqued my curiosity to know a little more about Jean Victor Louis Faure, because obviously I had never thought of asking my parents when they were alive.

“Amazingly, this turned out to be an important rediscovery of that awe-inspiring image I had grown up with.”

The work is now set to go up for auction at Newbury-based auctioneer Dreweatts on May 26 and carries an estimate of £30,000-50,000.

Due to the fact that Faure’s work rarely appears at auction, it should be highly sought after by collectors around the world.

Brandon Lindberg, Head of UK and European Images at Dreweatts, said: “It is rare to find a work of this scale and age in such pristine and original condition.

“Faure’s work only occasionally comes to market and the closest example to this one, sold over ten years ago for over £200,000, is still the artist‘s record price. .”

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