How a century-old classic cocktail still makes a splash

You can almost taste it before it arrives. and can certainly visualize it – a sparkling rock crystal glass with a striking ruby-colored liquid, a slice of orange or orange peel floating above it.

It’s the weekend and if you’re a cocktail fanatic, we’re sure you already have a glass of Negroni on hand. For a cocktail as old as 100 years old, it was quite astonishing to know that it is still a very famous topic of conversation.

Negroni is that beautiful drink that has all of its distinctive components in equal measure – not too much, not too much. Explaining this cocktail-nectar, Akash Tomar, Ambassador of the Diageo India brand, comments: “The Negroni is an Italian cocktail made up of equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, it is also considered an aperitif style cocktail. Authentically, it is a brewed cocktail that is served over ice in an old-fashioned glass garnished with an orange slice or orange zest.

Is there a more perfect drink? Or a more beautiful one? Don’t be fooled by this orange-red color. It’s not a girl’s drink. It is not a manly drink either. It is, as Buzzfeed said recently, a “drink to everyone”.

Just ask Tomar and he’ll tell you: “The origin of Negroni is still unknown, but the most common story around the cocktail is about an Americano enriched with gin. In 1919, Caffe Giacosa General Pascal Oliver de Negroni asked the bartender to strengthen his favorite cocktail, the Americano ie, (equal parts sweet vermouth and Campari with soda) by adding gin rather than water. normal carbonated. The bartender added an orange garnish rather than the typical Americano lemon garnish to signify that it was a different drink.

A classic Negroni remains the all-time favorite, but there are few variations one can try:

  • Brewed gin or vermouth can be used to make a different variation of the cocktail
  • You can complete the Negroni with sparkling wine
  • Dry Negroni is also an option in which we use dry vermouth instead of sweet
  • Cold brew is also used in some places to supplement the Negroni

Tips for making a perfect Negroni:

To make a perfect Negroni, we need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Take the Tanqueray, Campari and Sweet Vermouth and add 30ml of each to a mixing glass and stir well with ice
  • Filter it over fresh ice in an old fashioned glass, always use good quality ice for less dilution
  • Do not use the same ice as the mixing glass; use fresh and large ice cubes, which will keep the drink cool for a long time with less dilution
  • Use fresh orange zest for the garnish, it will add freshness and a good aroma to the drink

Which ice should I use?

The ice should be of good quality and possibly large cubes as it helps keep the drink cool for a long time with less dilution. Never use the same ice that you used while stirring, always use fresh ice.

Does the age of the alcohol have an impact on the taste of Negroni?

Age does not have much of an impact as we use all liquids without age indication for Negroni. In the cocktail, the Gin is a white alcohol that is not accompanied by an age declaration identical to Campari and vermouth. The age of the alcohol does not impact the taste, but the quality of the gin and vermouth can affect the taste because poor quality spirits may not make a perfect Negroni.

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