illycaffè returns to Frieze New York to celebrate 30 years of the illy Art Collection

The iconic cut created in 1991 for illy by one of italy the greatest creators, Matteo Thun, envisioned the cup not just as a vessel for drinking, but as a vehicle for information, conscious and subconscious. Thun has created a distinctive design, a simple and harmonious mug with a useful shape and a round handle that has become a means of expression for artists and one of the largest collections of contemporary art available in the world.

The illy Art Collection project represents the intellectual stimulation entrusted to the creativity of 125 contemporary artists, including world-renowned talents.,” mentioned Carl Bach, global creative director of illycaffè. “I am very proud of this 30 year milestone knowing that the cup has become a recognizable symbol of beauty and quality that inspires and delights illy coffee lovers every day..”

A selection of historic illy Art Collection cups will be exhibited in the illy coffee bar located at 8and Shed floor, where guests can enjoy expertly prepared beverages including espressos, cappuccinos and cold brew, all featuring illy’s signature blend of 100% Arabica coffee.

Frieze attendees can also see illy’s brand new art collection inspired by the 2022 Biennale Arte theme, The Milk of Dreams, which in turn draws inspiration from by Leonora Carrington book, in which the British writer and painter describes a magical world where life is constantly reinventing itself through the prism of the imagination, and where everyone is allowed to change, transform and transcend themselves.

The authors of this new spring 2022 collection are 6 artists whose styles and geographical origins are profoundly different, and who have been selected by Cecile Alemanicurator of the Biennale Arte 2022. They are Cecilia Vicuña, who recently received the Golden Lion for her entire career, Philippe Baeza, Giulia CenciPrecious Okoyomon, Alexandra Pirici, and Aki Sasamoto.

illycafe is an Italian family business, founded in Trieste in 1933 and committed to offering the best coffee in the world. It produces illy’s unique 100% Arabica blend of 9 of the world’s finest Arabica selections; every day, more than 8 million cups are consumed in more than 140 countries in the best cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices and homes. Thanks to its innovations, it contributes to technological progress in the coffee sector. With the granting of the first “Ernesto Illy Quality Espresso Coffee Award” in 1991 at Brazil, illy was also the first to share its know-how and pay a high price for the best quality. Since 2017, through its “Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award”, the company has celebrated the producers of the best batches of sustainable coffee in the world. Since 2013, illycaffè has been regularly included in the list of the most ethical companies in the world. In 2019, illy renewed its commitment to pursue a sustainable business model combining environmental and social issues by adopting Società Benefit [benefit corporation] statute and include this commitment in its statutes. In 2021, illy was the first Italian coffee company to achieve international B Corp certification thanks to its commitment to the highest environmental and social performance standards. The company has also founded its Coffee University with the aim of fostering and spreading its culture, offering comprehensive academic and practical training to coffee growers, baristas and coffee lovers to cover all aspects of the product. Everything ‘made in illy’ is enhanced by beauty & art, which represent the founding values ​​of the brand, starting with its logo – designed by an artist, James Rosenquist – and including the famous illy Art Collection, decorated by more than 100 international artists. In 2020, the company employed 1291 people and posted a consolidated turnover of 446.5 million euros. There are 261 illy single-brand stores and boutiques in more than 40 countries. In 2021, Rhône Capital becomes a minority shareholder of illycaffè to support the company in its international growth.


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