Is the dream horse a true story? Is the film based on Janet Vokes?

Directed by Euros Lyn, “Dream Horse” is a sports comedy film that revolves around Jan Vokes, a bartender leading a boring life who desperately searches for the reason that makes her jump out of bed every morning. While working at the bar one evening, she overhears Howard, a tax advisor, talking about a racehorse he once owned. The story inspires him in some way, and Jan is not only obsessed with the idea, but convinces his neighbors to put in the money to breed, breed and train a racehorse.

Surprising the racing establishment who mock Jan and his dreams, the racehorse ends up winning the Welsh Grand National race. However, the elusive dream is not as easy to achieve as it seems. The story of courage, determination has touched the hearts of millions of viewers around the world, who may wonder if the film is rooted in fiction or if it is inspired by real events. So let’s go ahead and learn all about the origins of “Dream Horse”.

Is Dream Horse based on a true story?

Yes, “Dream Horse” is based on a true story. The film familiarizes audiences with the inspiring life of Janet Vokes, who was going through a crisis similar to the one depicted in the film. She was busy during the day working at a local supermarket, and in the evenings Janet had to rush to the bar where she worked as a bartender at the local workers club. Between the two jobs, she also had the responsibility of caring for her sick relative, meaning she barely had time for herself. Regardless of that, Janet never stopped looking for something that made her jump out of bed every morning.

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Much like in the movie, Janet was motivated to research racehorses when she heard Howard Davies talk about his experiences owning one. Her research quickly became an obsession and Janet, along with her husband, Brain, bought a brood mare, Rewbell, for £ 350 ($ 494). The couple then mated him with a thoroughbred racehorse named Bien Bien. Then, in 2001, Rewbell spawned a foul that later became Dream Alliance, the horse that exceeded all expectations.

Although Janet has had some experience raising and raising other animals before, a racehorse has its own challenges. So she made a group, and Davies, the local tax adviser, became the manager. Around 23 people then joined the owners union and Janet started raising £ 10 a week to invest in Dream’s diet and other expenses. At the age of 3, Dream met her future trainer Philip Hobbs, who has expertise in national racing. Davies had estimated that it would take an investment of £ 15,000 ($ 21,143) each year to breed the racehorse, and all expenses, including Dream’s training, were covered by union members.

Dream entered her first race on November 10, 2004, but her first victory did not come until January 2006 in her fourth race after years of training and hard work. There have been several ups and downs in his career since, including an injury in 2008 that required surgery and fifteen months of rehabilitation. After his return in 2009, Dream won the Welsh Grand National and shocked everyone. Although he competed in several other races over the following years, Dream was not very successful, possibly due to his lung disease, and retired in 2012.

Growing up in Cefn Fforest to winning the Welsh Grand National was no ordinary feat in itself. Speaking of which, Janet Told a news agency, “Back then, for us, we were just excited that we had managed to breed a horse that would go to the racetrack no matter what he did. It’s surreal. It’s amazing. ”The 2009 Welsh Grand National victory was even more shocking for her, and recalling the event, she said,“ It was like being in a bubble. had arrived, he had just won, and it was as if there was complete silence and everything was slowing down, but in reality there was chaos around you.

Janet added, “It was just an uproar. Everything that was going on in the background, and I was looking at myself and like, “Did this really happen? “Did he just win?” It was strange. “Even though the story is set in Wales,” Horse Dream “director Euros Lyn said in an interview that she has the power to inspire the communities of the Rust Belt from all over the world who could identify with history. These communities have undergone severe changes over the past century. The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the Rust Belt were once miners and metallurgists, but with industrialization and automation, these jobs have become scarce.

Such a change came at a considerable price, and workers now find themselves without a job, which obviously affects their confidence. Nonetheless, Lyn is hopeful that people in those communities watch the autobiographical sports comedy film and be inspired to dream big, realizing that they still have hope. After his retirement, Dream was sent to live in Somerset, far from Janet.

Although union members are still allowed to meet him, Janet doesn’t like going because she gets very emotional. Getting away is the hardest thing, she says, and she probably doesn’t want to do it anymore. While the story of Jan and Dream sounds incredible, “Dream Horse” accurately portrays a real-life event, giving it an inspiring twist.

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