Julian Ovenden talks about his time at Bridgerton

Ovenden’s role in “Bridgerton” was filmed before the series was released on Netflix, and while there’s a lot about the show he said he felt positive about, he did. admitted he had no idea she would become so popular – and according to Ovenden, that’s a good thing. “Usually when you have this feeling [that a project will be successful]things tend to be awful,” laughed Ovenden. ” Based on my experience, [you think] it’s the best thing ever and no one is looking at it. Not to say the reverse was true – there were some things about it that I thought were really smart, and I thought the American version of the period drama was smart. I thought the cast was smart. When it’s assembled, it’s very well assembled. It’s impactful.”

Ovenden observed that “Bridgerton” benefited from the premiere at a time when people were looking for an escape. “He had the advantage that everyone was at home on his first outing; everyone was locked up at home [due to the COVID-19 pandemic] and they were running out of things to watch, so there was a really good captive audience,” Ovenden pointed out. “He also had the ability to transport people to another more colorful place when everyone was feeling miserable. So it was lucky in a lot of ways.”

The lavish production of “Bridgerton” clearly left an impression on Ovenden and made attending the show all the more enjoyable. “It was incredibly well padded, and there was a lot of money spent to make it look like they would spend a lot of money, which they had,” Ovenden said. “It’s nice to be in something like this when there’s nothing you can do to make it as bright as possible. It was fun.”

You can catch Julian Ovenden in “The Lost Girls,” now in theaters and on demand.

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