Lego artist seeks to preserve works from Jackson landmarks

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The artist behind “Keep Building Jackson” hopes his work will be on permanent display in the city. However, he needs the help of the community.

For years, Scott Crawford has exhibited the city of Jackson in Lego form during the holidays.

“It’s supposed to be fun and entertaining, and it’s supposed to inspire people about the real city. One thing I noticed is that when people see Jackson’s buildings in miniature, they start to like the real ones, and it’s an interesting effect. I also enjoy the real ones and try to recreate them as best I can, ”Crawford said.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the progression of Crawford’s multiple sclerosis, the last year the work was exposed was in 2019.

“During the 10 years that I did it, it got bigger and bigger every year. I had to outdo myself from the next year, you know, and it just got bigger and bigger. And in 2019, it took a month to set in, and my disease is progressing where I no longer have the stamina to do all that month of work and then watch it.

Crawford said his dream was to create a foundation that would allow everyone to permanently benefit from their Lego legacy.

“To create a case, a showcase for it, so that I can set it up in a public place in Jackson where anyone can enjoy it, and it will be safe from tampering and dust. less maintenance because at the moment it’s really a lot of maintenance when I install it. ”

David Lewis of the City of Jackson is a fan of Crawford’s work. He said having an exhibition like this in Jackson would be unique, but the project needs funding.

“If the community can really come together or a foundation can come and support it or even a crowdfunding campaign, that can move the dial a lot faster than it could be for the city to say, ‘Hey, let’s allocate these some funds. ‘ And that helps to have better maintenance and structures in place for the maintenance of what we want to make sure it has a long lifespan forever, ”explained Lewis.

Crawford said that due to his illness he would eventually lose the ability and strength to set up his screen. He hopes the funding for the case will arrive before that happens.

If you would like to contact Crawford regarding his posting or possible funding, you can contact him on his Facebook page.

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