Liquor license temporarily lost by Dave and Buster of Massachusetts after customers served 27 drinks in 90 minutes

A Dave and Buster’s in Massachusetts lost its liquor license for a two-day period last week after officials said the bartender overserved a party to the tune of 27 drinks in an hour and a half.

The March 5 incident at the Braintree Restaurant and Games Room prompted police to take two men into custody, one of whom had a blood alcohol level of 0.19 more than eight hours later, reported the Patriot Ledger.

According to the newspaper, a Braintree police officer working at the bar on March 5 was alerted to a man who appeared to be drunk. The man’s bar tab showed his party received 27 drinks in 90 minutes, in addition to drinks consumed before arriving at Dave and Buster’s, officer Brendan McLaughlin reported. Included on the tab were 22 ounce beers and hard liquor shots.

McLaughlin saw one man nearly fall, while a second man attempting to intervene appeared to be intoxicated as well. He took the two men into custody.

More than five hours later, one of the men had a blood alcohol level of 0.13, according to a portable breathalyzer. The other man blew a .19 after eight hours in custody, still more than double the legal driving limit, the Patriot Ledger reported.

At a meeting last Tuesday, Braintree’s licensing commission revoked Dave and Buster’s liquor license for April 28-29.

Albert DeNapoli, the restaurant and arcade’s attorney, blamed the incident on a “rogue bartender” who was later fired, the Patriot Ledger reported.

“We didn’t follow the policies that were in place,” DeNapoli said.

A disagreement arose between Dave and Buster and the police over how many people in the party received 27 drinks. Police said it was a group of four, although the bar said there could have been up to seven.

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