Local artists lined up to become the ‘First Fifty’ exhibit in Hearst Center


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – The Cedar Valley is home to many sites, including many local artists. Knowing that many people have a passion for art, the Hearst Center for the Arts brought back a fan favorite!

Yesterday, amateur and professional artists had the opportunity to line up and be the first 50 artists to see their works exhibited for the centre’s “First Fifty” exhibition.

By opening the doors at 9 a.m., the artists in line had to write their name on the list and put their number next to it to find out how many people were online.

Artists lined up as early as 4:30 a.m. to secure a spot, local artist Jeanie Steffey said she loved the opportunity this exhibit offered.

“People need to make art, and it helps them, and it helps me, so if you want to be a painter, paint,” Steffey said.

After a long year of isolation, former Hearst Center vice president Donna Bash said the exhibit was the perfect medicine to bring people together again.

“Bring your love to your soul, to share your personal expression with others, it’s a beautiful thing,” Bash said.

From paintings to sculptures, any kind of skilled artwork, provided you made the cut!

The Hearst Center will see his works exhibited from June 3 to July 11.


  • Want to see the exhibition? Click on HERE.

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