Louis Makepeace is cooking up a storm on BBC Three’s Hungry For It with Big Zuu and Stacey Dooley

A young chef cooks up a storm in BBC Three’s cooking show directed by Big Zuu and Stacey Dooley.

Louis Makepeace is a contestant on Hungry For It and so far the Worcester bartender is one of the favorites in the competition.

He impressed the judges for the second week where, in Tuesday’s episode, the contestants were tasked with cooking chicken for the show’s 100 diners.

The winning chef will receive a “culinary trip of a lifetime”.

A biography of the 21-year-old says he “has a passion and talent for buying fresh ingredients and making meals from scratch”.

Mr. Makepeace was part of musician Big Zuu’s team and they served punchy sumac and Aleppo chili chicken with hispo cabbage and honey lime grilled chicken with Nigerian style rice.

The team fights to see which dishes came out on top. In addition to competing with each other, they also have to live together.

The show is being billed as the ultimate cooking crash course, as 10 newbie cooks from across the country will have their cooking skills challenged by Stacey Dooley, Big Zuu and Chef Kay Kay.

The contestant posted a short video urging people back into the kitchen and said, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

Louis Makepeace, who is 3ft 10in due to achondroplasia, made national news in 2018 after Heart of Worcestershire College said he posed a ‘health and safety risk’.

Mr Makepeace said he was banned from taking a cookery course at university because of his size.

He appeared on This Morning and was approached by documentary makers to film his life story.

“Effectively, Louis is unemployed now,” she said.

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Heart of Worcestershire College released a statement in response to say Louis had told them he no longer wanted to take the course.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tweeted a job offer for the aspiring chef at the time, with Mr Makepeace calling it a “dream” to be able to work with him.

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