MLT Photographer Shares Art With Global Themes

Benjamin Hou

September will bring a new exhibition of photographs to the Mountlake Terrace Library.

Mountlake Terrace resident and Arts Advisory Board volunteer Benjamin Hou will feature scenes captured on a trip around the world.

“Each day came with a new experience, with every turn revealing something deeply fascinating,” he said in an artist statement. “I strongly believe that truly immersing yourself in the customs, practices and traditions of a new culture allows for a stronger and deeper understanding of a region, a people and their cultures. This is especially true for many of us who grew up in Western countries.

Image provided by the artist

The trips taught him how much people have in common, despite their misconceptions and assumptions about each other, he said.

“Photography is a wonderful way to preserve and communicate messages, feelings, moods and scenes that can be difficult to capture in writing or orally,” he said. “Through photography, I strive to…show that our common humanity unites us.”

Mountlake Terrace Library hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday 1pm-5pm. Monthly exhibitions are coordinated by the city’s Arts Advisory Commission. Together, the commission and the Friends of the Arts of Mountlake Terrace sponsor the annual art exhibition. This year, it will take place from September 24 to October 24. 1.

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