NC artists participate in the Neighborhood Arts program: residency program

The program gives three local artists the opportunity to lead community programs and help create a neighborhood mural installation in three neighborhoods in Greensboro.

GREENSBORO, NC – Creative Greensboro selected three local artists to help beautify and preserve different neighborhoods in Greensboro.

It’s all part of the new town of Greensboro Neighborhood arts: residency program.

Artist and designer Darlene J. McClinton has over a dozen works of art on display around Greensboro, including interactivity Dance and play mural at LeBauer Park.

“Art is extremely important because it tells stories, documents the history of our culture, the history of the world,” McClinton said.

This summer, she will bring her talents to the Dudley Heights neighborhood.

McClinton is one of three artists selected for the Neighborhood Arts: City Residence program.

The program gives local artists the opportunity to lead community programs and help create a neighborhood wall installation.

“I’m thinking of a particular program that involves doing screen printing,” said McClinton.

“If I can teach the older generation and the younger generation how to screen print on t-shirts, hats, mugs, that’s something they can sell. So, they will learn the technique of screen printing and then I will teach them how to promote and market their products so that they can continue to make money with what they love.

She also plans to create programs that will use art to help teach math, science, English, and history.

Two other artists will work with the Glenwood and Kings Forest neighborhoods.

Glenwood will be directed by artist Harry Turfle.

Kings Forest will be run by the non-profit TAB Arts Center and Sunny Gravely Foushee.

Greensboro’s creative economy director Ryan Deal said the selected neighborhoods have been identified in the city. 10 year plan to improve access to affordable housing in Greensboro.

“I am so excited about our Neighborhood Arts: Residency program. This will allow community members from three Greensboro neighborhoods to come together to create a sense of community, celebrate who and what they are, and then demonstrate it through artwork and murals that will endure in their neighborhoods.

The three artists will work with their communities from June 1 to November 30.

Each artist will receive up to $ 22,500 to implement programs and projects.

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