Orsolya Gaal murder: Police detail key evidence in David Bonola’s charge

Details have emerged of key evidence found in the horrific murder of New York mother Orsolya Gaal, whose body was found in a sports bag.

New details have emerged in the gruesome murder of New York woman Orsolya Gaal, whose body was found locked in a gym bag in her basement a week ago after being stabbed nearly 60 times.

On Thursday, police arrested suspect David Bonola, 44, for the murder.

It has now emerged that key evidence was found on Tuesday, three days after investigators believe Ms Gaal was murdered in her Queens home, New York Post reports.

That’s when NYPD detectives recovered a pair of bloody brown boots from an ambulance truck after it drove away from the suspect’s home, according to police sources and witnesses.

“It was in the afternoon. … The cops came and stopped the truck,” said Harry Maraj, a construction worker who witnessed the moment while sitting in a nearby restaurant.

“They took bags out of the truck and opened them.

“They took a white bag of [the] truck and a pair of brown boots. The boots were not in any bag. They put everything in big brown paper bags and left.

Law enforcement sources said at the time they already had Mr Bonola on their radar after learning he had worked at Ms Gaal’s home and had an intimate relationship with her.

They were watching his house and waiting for his trash to be picked up so they could look for clues, sources said. It’s unclear why detectives waited for the truck to leave the house to take the shoes as evidence.

Bloody boots are now DNA tested. They are a crucial part of the case, and investigators believe they were worn by the suspect during the murder, sources said.

Meanwhile, the Queens Defenders, a nonprofit which provides free representation to Mr Bonola, has hired a private investigator who was seen knocking on doors near Ms Gaal’s home on Friday afternoon.

The investigator, who was hired by public defenders as part of the J&L investigations, declined to comment when approached by The post officebut he was heard asking neighbors if they knew how to get in touch with Ms Gaal’s family.

At one point a bartender from the Forest Hills Station House, where MS Gaal had had a drink alone just before she was murdered, stopped by the family’s house to check on it.

The private detective spoke briefly with the bartender.

Mr Bonola was taken into custody on Wednesday evening and charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon.

He was held without bail during his arraignment Thursday night in Queens Criminal Court.

This article originally appeared on New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

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