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As one of the most prolific photographers of all time, David Bailey has photographed some of the world’s most famous people – from Mick Jagger to the late Queen Elizabeth.

Now, as he prepares to open a new London exhibition of his work, Bailey has sat down with Sky News to talk about some of his most iconic photos of all time.

Bailey, 84, is perhaps best known for his work in the 1960s and has a series of famous photographs – including one of the first snaps of Mick Jagger, before the Rolling Stones even recorded a song.

Dr.Dre. Photo: David Bailey

Other world-renowned clients include Dr. Dre, Kate Bush, and even The Kray Twins.

But despite being diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2018, he remains in top form, telling Sky News: “Maybe if I fall and go blind I could stop – that would be a sign.

“I’m getting old…it doesn’t mean anything. Some people live to be 90 and do nothing and some people live to be 22, and they’re like Van Gogh so what, it doesn’t make a difference – it’s just time.”

When asked to sum up his career, he simply told Sky News: “Not over yet.”

Mick Jagger.  Photo: David Bailey
Mick Jagger in 1964. Photo: David Bailey

On the late Queen Elizabeth II:

“She was nice, she was easy. It was easy, she was sweet…she was very nice.

“I don’t meet a lot of queens, so I don’t know. She was amazing.

Queen Elizabeth.  Photo: David Bailey
Queen Elizabeth. Photo: David Bailey

On Grace Jones:

“She had an agenda, she wanted to do what she was going to do.

“She’s fine though.”

Grace Jones.  Photo: David Bailey
Grace Jones. Photo: David Bailey

On Bob Marley:

“Yeah, I told him to get a haircut.

Bob Marley.  Photo: David Bailey
Bob Marley. Photo: David Bailey

On Freddie Mercury:

“Freddie Mercury stuck his tongue down my throat – it was a shock, it only happened to me twice.

“But thank you, Freddie, I appreciate it.”

Queen.  Photo: David Bailey
Queen. Photo: David Bailey

On Miles Davis:

“I think the only thing he did was stick his tongue out – but he didn’t play in my mouth, which was a relief.”

Mile Davis.  Photo: David Bailey
Mile Davis. Photo: David Bailey

Bailey: Vision and Sound opens September 15 at 45 Park Lane in London.

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