Ranger fans have a full year of 150th anniversary meltdowns ahead

As the Rangers announced a special Weekend of Legends friendly as part of the 150e birthdays, the response from some of our rivals has been a joy to see.

The Gers are preparing to welcome some of the greatest footballing legends on planet Earth to take part in a special friendly match against a Gers XI in Ibrox next March. All the details HERE.

It’s all about celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Rangerse anniversary and is part of a series of special events that will commemorate 15 decades of bears.

But if you think Celtic or Aberdeen Sevcoing fans in the Twitter void of Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos and Paul Gascoigne coming to Ibrox have been funny, the Rangers are just getting started.

Rival fans crumble over Rangers 150e friendly birthday

There’s a nice irony that comes with this type of rival fan who is obsessed with the Rangers after 2012 and posts it all over the internet like everyone else cares.

They really think they are doing society a service; As football and the community at large need to know that the Rangers are dead and no longer exist, the holding company is now in charge of the true identity of the football club.

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If you listen closely you’ll hear an angry Celtic fan pounding his phone furiously that Luis Figo must know the Rangers haven’t paid the makeup artist.

But what these guys don’t get is that they provide endless, genuinely hilarious content for everyone to enjoy year after year, positive Rangers result after positive Rangers result.

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Stuck in an endless loop of chatter about Mike Ashley or Brechin’s hedge, fans like this have been too busy focusing so much on the Rangers past that the future of the club has crept in. them.

Even the Parkhead team have a hard time calling the ‘Glasgow Derby’ – historically the name of the game between Rangers and Queen’s Park – the Old Firm.

Rangers prepare for a year of celebrations before 150e birthday

As the Rangers step up their celebrations ahead of the 150e anniversary, prepare to see every social media post hijacked by angry Sevcoists, every mention of 150 years obsessively torn apart, every unleashed Celtic da come out of the frame by the cover of a questionable twitter profile.

For the demented of the resurrection of the Rangers in 2012, 2022 is shaping up to be a year where the letters s, e, v, c and o will be worn out on their keyboards.

But for Rangers fans, it will see the arrival of some of the biggest stars in world football from then and now, a series of events and tributes, the birth of a new club museum and hopefully a 56e champion title.

Rangers v Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership
(Photo by Ian MacNicol / Getty Images)

It’s not a bad way to celebrate 150 years as an institution of Scottish and British football and a global force in the beautiful game.

Meanwhile, John Swinney made a surprising admission regarding the crowd ahead of the next Old Firm derby.

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