Robotic Bartender shakes things up at this bar in Germany

Robotic technology has made great strides. Several industries use robots to perform a number of tasks. In a new development, a robot in Munich is now able to create cocktails according to customer orders. The innovation in Sausalitos bars in southern Germany is quite unique. The two-armed robot is responsible for mixing cocktails and helping staff with daily tasks. Reuters news agency used its official Twitter account and shared a video of the same. The caption read: “A robot bartender in Munich has arrived on the scene to mix up a nasty mojito and hopefully relieve the local bar staff a bit.” Looked:

The robot was developed by Sausalitos in collaboration with Inores Robotics AG. The main objective is to tackle the fact that even though customers are back in the post-Covid era, staff are still standing still. Sausalitos manager Christoph Heidt in an interview with Reuters said: “The bar element is our most important element. We are Germany’s largest cocktail chain, so the bar is to us what the kitchen is to others.

“This industry is suffering from a shortage of staff which means we would very much like to employ more staff if we could find more people willing to work in hospitality… we will retain the same number of bar staff as we had before , so we don’t plan to replace anyone with the robot, rather it aims to be a help,” he added.

Internet users had a mixed response about this innovation. While few enjoyed it, others thought nothing could replace human bartenders. One person wrote: “The human bartender is a key person for customers…these robots are just a soulless cold machine…this should NEVER be the future.” Another person wrote: “Love the bit when the robot shakes the shaker a bit to get the last one out.”

The staff, however, accepted the robot as their own. Bartender Julia Rahn, in an interview with Reuters, said: ‘I actually find him quite pleasant, he can’t answer or complain!’

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