Rocco Ritchie sells art for huge sums under the secret alias of “Rhed”

Rocco is of course the son of director Guy Ritchie and music icon Madonna and is now said to be secretly carving out a respected career as an artist under a false name.

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Madonna talks about Rocco during the show

Rocco Ritchie was unmasked as an exciting new British artist after being revealed as the mastermind behind a painter named Rhed.

The 21-year-old is the son of 53-year-old director Guy Ritchie and 63-year-old music superstar Madonna and was already known for his entry into the art world.

Rocco studied fine art in London, but has now been discovered as the mastermind of a hitherto unknown artist – who has exhibited his work all over the world and sells paintings for huge sums of money.

However, the child of two of the world’s most famous people seems to want to avoid the limelight on his own as he publishes his work under a false name.

Rocco Ritchie sells art under the pseudonym Rhed


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According to PageSix, Roccco sells his art through London gallery Tanya Baxter Contemporary and sells works under his pseudonym “Rhed” for “thousands of dollars”.

Tanya Baxter’s website describes Roccos’ work in these terms: “Rhed is an emerging young artist whose cultural backgrounds are diverse and unconventional.

“His childhood was spent between New York and London, which gave him an eclectic and diverse artistic career. He adopted a new genre of DIY art with an expressionist flair and street energy.

Rocco is of course the son of Guy Ritchie and Madonna


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“It’s no surprise that he first tried graffiti.”

The gallery website then explains that Rocco’s work is inspired by Picasso and Basquiat and announces the offspring of the celebrity to rejuvenate the “forgotten art of drawing” of his generation.

PageSix also reports that his work has fetched prices of up to £ 24,000 so far.

In 2019, it was revealed that Rocco had pledged to attend prestigious London College Central Saint Martins to take an art class.

A source said at the time: “Rocco takes his art very seriously. He’s had a few temperamental years, but now he’s dedicated himself to this new course and feels he really fits in with his fellow students.

“This is a huge opportunity for him at a great school, and both his parents are thrilled that he is doing something creative with his time and following his passion.

“He has proven his dedication by attending all of his classes and pursuing his studies. Plus, no one treats him like the son of a superstar – he feels like a normal student.

Rocco is applauded as an exciting new British artist


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“He is inspired by the graffiti artist Banksy and considers himself a key player in the London art scene in a few years.

He would have enjoyed his first solo exhibition the year before enrolling at the prestigious school with an exhibition at the Tanya Baxter Gallery.

While a show he put on in the summer of 2020 brought Madonna and Guy together – as well as Rocco’s foster siblings Mercy and Davis – but no one realized their proud parents were there to support their son at the time.

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