Salud, sip and sing along with Canción

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

When Roger and Alisa Clyne nicknamed their tequila Mexican Moonshine, they thought it was a funny nickname that played one of his Peacemakers songs well.

When moonshine corn whiskey first appeared in the United States, it had a negative impact on Mexican Moonshine.

“It was very confusing for our brand,” says ASU graduate Alisa. “Before, when it was ironic, it was fine. Corn whiskey moonshines have an inferior connotation. It was a challenge for the restaurants to put us on the menu with the word “moonshine” in the name. “

The couple have since renamed their products Canción, an ultra-premium tequila line.

Canción was a logical choice for the name, as it is the Spanish word for “song”. Staying with the musical theme, the unoaked Blanco offering has musical notes below the mark. These are the opening bars of the mariachis in the song “Mexican Moonshine”.

“We really wanted to honor our roots and stay true to what our foundation was,” says Alisa. “He’s really good. The fans seem to like him.

Canción is still the same artisanal tequila in small batches inside the bottles. It is made using a centuries-old distillation process in a modern facility called La Fabrica de Tequilas Finos (NOM 1472).

“We haven’t changed anything in the process,” says Roger. “We have changed the label so that it stops being confused by people who would like to try it. It disappointed a few of our die-hard fans. We totally appreciate this. But now that rock’n’roll is free, we’re looking to have a 401 (k). ”

Prior to the rebranding, Canción won gold medals from the San Francisco World Spirits. The Canción family portfolio features four award-winning tequila expressions with SRP per 750ml bottle starting at $ 38 for Blanco, $ 48 for Reposado (rested nine months), $ 58 Añejo (18 months old) and $ 120 for Extra Añejo (over three years old).

Canción is made from 100% blue agave sourced from private farms in the valleys of Jalisco, Mexico. It’s double-distilled and then triple-filtered to clean up the natural gun oils, aldehydes, and ketones in the distillation process, but guilty of contributing to that nasty headache obtained the next day from cheap, less-filtered tequilas. . The filtration is just enough to keep the notes of charred American white oak bourbon barrel aging in the personality of their Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo.

The launch of the new branding brings a bartender friendly Blanco bottle.

“If you take a look at a large tequila section of a liquor store, the bartender is challenged by almost every brand with great looking bottles that are difficult to handle in a busy cocktail shift,” explains Alisa.

“So, I chose to take this opportunity in our rebranding to bring a great Blanco bottle that is much easier for bartenders to easily create their cocktails and insert the bottle into the speed rail for more access. easy. “


The crystalline Blanco conspires with melon and citrus to subtly harmonize and create a seductive nose – a blend of floral agave with hints of quince and white pepper for a balanced encounter. The finish is smooth and persistent, leaving the palate with a warm and brilliant invitation to return.

Reposado “rests” for nine months in bourbon barrels. It gives a golden glow with a viscous and buttery entry in the mouth; a rhythmic balance of agave; and notes of honey and oak accents. It ends with a sweet and smoking crescendo.

Añejo is simply elegant. It begins with an 18-month aging in bourbon barrels, heralding a nose full of smoky and woody notes. A silky entry in the mouth ends with a harmonious blend of sweet and dry flavors of agave, tobacco and hints of vanilla. Perfect for sipping, it lingers with a long silky glow.

And then there’s the brand new Extra Añejo, once reserved for a commemorative ceramic bottle that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Roger’s debut album under the name Refreshments, “Fizzy Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy.” It is now available at retail.

“It’s wonderful,” said Alisa.

Extra Añejo is a heavenly union of a premium bourbon cask and an agave spirit left to rest and merge for over three years. Tequila’s legendary obsidian terroir meets the heritage of American White Oak bourbon casks to evoke homogeneous notes of dried fruit, wood smoke and hints of toffee. The finish is a refined experience of balancing sweet and dry in a seductive palate of agave at its best.

Tequila partners cover the three major campuses in Arizona. Three peacemakers attended ASU, while two graduated. Investors and founders also studied at AU and NAU. One of the Clynes’ children is a new Sun Devil.

The Clynes are proud of the business they’ve built, whether it’s music or their tequila “songs”. CT


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