SG Goodman talks about being a queer artist in rural America

Kentucky-born singer-songwriter SG Goodman stopped at Rolling Stone on Twitch daily show to talk about his new album, Teeth marksand the challenges of being a queer artist in rural America.

“No matter what I do in life, even if I thought I was doing something that everyone could be proud of, they won’t be proud of what I do because, well, I’m going to do it while I’m gay, you know?’Goodman told host Charlie Cooper.

She said that writing the track “Keeper of the Time” by Teeth marks helped her accept that “there will always be people who just can’t swallow who you are.”

Goodman holds no malice towards his home country, saying “I mean, all good things happen when you’re back in Kentucky.”

Watch a condensed version of the interview:

After the interview, Goodman took to the studio to perform a retro set, including the hit “Space and Time”, as well as new recordings “You Were Someone I Loved”, “Teeth Marks”, “All My Love Is “. Coming back to me,” and of course, “Keeper of Time.”

Watch the full performance:

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