Stamford-based artist honored with “Thrill Of A Lifetime”

STAMFORD, CT – In November 2017, Stamford-based artist Liron Sissman received a letter in the mail from the US State Department.

She was part of a large artist registry for the department’s Art In Embassies program. Each ambassador can choose the work of art that will be hung in the embassy to which he is assigned for the duration of his position.

Kenneth Juster, who was appointed U.S. Ambassador to India in 2017, chose one of Sissman’s paintings to hang in the Grand Room of the Roosevelt House in New Delhi, India. The painting, titled Late Summer Sail, matches the overall theme of the residency, Landscapes of America.

“It was very special,” Sissman said of when she received the letter in the mail. “I know how big this register is. I was surprised and very honored by its choice.”

Recently, Sissman reached out to Juster to see if he could take a photo posing with the painting. Instead, the two were able to meet in person last weekend in New York City, where Juster is from.

“We had a great session and he showed me a book that was prepared that highlighted some of the history of the Roosevelt Home and the highlights of the American diplomats and ambassadors who have visited over the years and Some of the highlights of his post resided there, ”Sissman said.

There was also a photo of the room where his painting was.

“This is where I really got to see for the first time what it looked like from the inside out, which was just a really nice experience,” she said.

Ambassador Kenneth Juster with Liron Sissman showing where the art was on display (Photo credit: Steven Labkoff,

Originally, shortly after choosing the board, it was determined that it was too small for the room it was assigned to, so Sissman offered to recreate it on a larger scale.

The painting depicts Harriman State Park, which is located in Sloatsburg, NY The park is a favorite of Sissman’s

“I have painted it over the years in every season. Most of my landscapes feature a body of water and trees. The water I find symbolic. Harriman State Park just offered a beautiful combination, and it ‘is nearby, ”she said. “It offers a lot of different views. There are seven lakes running through the park. The views are constantly changing.”

Sissman specializes in oil paintings and mainly paints landscapes. She prefers the versatility that oil provides.

“They can be used to create textures, they can be used thinly and for cohesive layers. They give me the flexibility to go back and rework any part I want, not like with watercolors where if they dry up, there is no turning back. ”she said. “Oil is really flexible. It’s not done until I’m happy with it. It doesn’t depend on the environment, it’s up to me to decide when.”

During his career as professional artist, Sissman’s works have been featured in films and are collected by organizations nationwide and by individuals on three continents.

But she called this latest residence “the thrill of a lifetime.”

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