Step into Hatch Local, Richmond’s new food hall

RICHMOND, Va. – Some of your favorite Richmond restaurants have teamed up and opened in one location.

Local outbreaka Richmond food hall, is now open on Hull Street in Manchester.


Hatch Local in Richmond, Virginia

Hatch Local consists of seven restaurants:

Buttermilk + Honey
The Beet Box
Odyssey fish
Fat kid sandwiches
King Pig
Bully Burger

Hatch Local general manager Annie Holland said the new food hall can help you and your friends answer an age-old question.

“You can really come with a group of people who don’t know what they want, or the infamous ‘I don’t know what I want to eat for dinner’ question and have a perfect spot,” she said. declared. “You really can get whatever you want. And then you can all sit down together and eat it.”

Hatch Local 11.jpg


Hatch Local in Richmond, Virginia

Hatch Local also offers craft cocktails to pair with dishes from different cuisines.

“So you walk in and scan one of our QR codes and then ask the bartender and they’re more than willing to be in your company and ask what you ate and then suggest a cocktail,” Holland said. “[The cocktails are] always rotating. There’s always room to make a new cocktail, or if a new dish pops up at Sincero, you can somehow play around with it. There are a lot of opportunities there.”

You can learn a lot more about Hatch Local Food Hall and the people who make it go on the new podcast Eat It, Virginia.

To listen EAT IT, VIRGINIA for restaurant news and interviews.

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