Swedish visual artist Jocke Larsson launches NFT “Dreamcatcher” collection to inspire people to chase their dreams

Dreamcatcher NFT Collection by JOLAr

Blue-toned streaks are visible in this digital painting on a black background.  A simple feed created to let your mind wander and hopefully inspire you to believe that you can make your dreams come true.

Dreamcatcher number one of four created by Swedish visual artist Jocke Larsson

A black and white portrait of visual artist Jocke Larsson

Portrait of visual artist Jocke Larsson alias JOLAr

JOLAr is a visual artist who creates digital art in a variety of styles. The inspiring “Dreamcatcher” collection is her first NFT project released this year.

If I can inspire one person to believe in themselves and believe that anything is possible, that it is worth every effort to catch that dream, I have achieved the higher goal I seek.


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, Aug. 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Swedish visual artist Jocke Larsson working as JOLAr recently released his first NFT collection “Dreamcatcher” with the sole purpose of inspiring people to go catch their dreams. He started the process of creating this Dreamcatcher-themed collection in 2019 and after many changes, recreations and fine-tuning of details, it was finally released to the public on June 4, 2022.

Each of the four artworks in the collection tells its own visual story and this style of exploring the mind is something you can see in almost all of his work. Flow, color, mood and deeper purpose are ever present in Jockes’ art.

When purchasing an NFT from the collection, you will have access to a print file that will allow you to print the artwork, frame it, and hang it in your home. All artworks found in “Dreamcatcher” are created on a unique basis – just like any traditional painting.

Digital art is on the rise, but something that represents the Jockes style is that it includes a raw feel, just as if the paintings should have been done with traditional tools like brushes on a canvas using oil paint for example. This natural look is what makes his art more unique in a way and collectors looking for something inspired by traditional art will definitely like this collection among other works featured on his website and the NFT platforms where he is represented. .

This particular collection is only available on the OpenSea NFT market and the current price is 0.1 ETH for each work.

Hopefully, the creator of this collection achieves his goal of inspiring people to pursue what they dream of, no matter what others think or might say. This is a deeper purpose that deserves its name!

Jocke Larsson
+46 73 760 39 57
[email protected]

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