Teen artist one of many beautifying Murphysboro with large murals

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. (KFVS) – Artists are beautifying the town of Murphysboro by painting large murals.

Currently, there are two murals in the works in the heart of the city where passers-by will be able to see them for decades.

One such artist is 15-year-old Maddie Deiters. She also painted large murals in other communities.

Deiters said it was nice to be able to give back to surrounding communities with his artwork.

“I just saw all these incredible opportunities for artists like me, local artists, to uplift and beautify the cities around me,” Deiters said. “So I started with Marion and I just saw all of that and as I keep growing I have all of these amazing opportunities to keep painting.”

The current murals are just two of the latest projects that Revitalize 62966 is incorporating in the city.

We spoke with Shirley Krienert, Art Committee Chair of Revitalize 62966, who said these murals will add to the city’s Apple Trail where four other murals have already been completed.

“One way to beautify the city, one way to excite people to come downtown, was to provide some kind of art, and murals seemed like the perfect fit,” Krienert said.

For Deiters, this is an opportunity to be able to offer a beautiful work of art for all to see.

“Public art really changes a place,” Deiters said. “One week it’s a building and another week it’s a well-furnished work of art. And it’s really cool, not just my art, but other people’s art. It really changes the atmosphere of a city.

Krienert said it was great to be able to share these works of art with the people who cross the heart of the community.

“We’ve been so happy when we’re out and about in the community,” Krienert said. “People stop us and say, ‘When is the next mural coming?’ or ‘What is the theme of the next fresco?’ or “We love this mural!” We love this mural. It really brought a lot of pride, I think, to Murphysboro.

The murals are expected to be completed by the July 4 holiday.

To follow the organization, you can find the Revitalize 62966 Facebook page here. To follow Deiters and his projects, you can find his ThreeLine Art Facebook page here.

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