The bartender explains what an ‘angel kick’ is and how it could save someone’s life

A bartender has gone viral after explaining a simple code word that can alert staff to a dangerous situation.

Going out on a first date or a night out can feel like lighthearted fun. However, things don’t always go as planned and you could find yourself in an uncomfortable or potentially frightening situation.

In bars, clubs and licensed businesses across Ireland, a safety campaign known as Ask for Angela has been implemented, allowing you to let staff know you need help without provoking of scene.

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But it looks like there could also be another way to signal that you need help, especially if you’re traveling to places like the United States.

A Los Angeles bartender named Benji Spears explained the word you can use to alert bartenders to your problem — and your date will probably be none the wiser.

In a TikTok video, Benji re-enacts a situation where he works behind a bar and spots a woman on a date who he finds uncomfortable.

When his date arrives in the bathroom, Benji goes to check that everything is okay, offering the woman help and explaining what an angel shot is – and how there are three different types/meanings .

He says: “Angel shots are becoming more common and well-known in all bars, and this is brought to the attention of the bartender.

“Okay, so an angel shot is key, it can save your life or your best friend’s life, and that’s something we should all know.

“So there are three ways to order the angel shot. You can make the angel shot with lime. Ok, so angel shot with lime when you order it means you need the police , so the bartender will notify a manager, and we’ll get the police involved for you.

“Second, you can order a neat angel shot. That means you need someone to walk you to your car, a bartender or security, someone has to walk you to your car because you don’t feel safe.”

And the last option was an angel shot on the rocks, which means you need the bartender to call you an Uber or taxi to get you home safely.

Benji adds: “I think it’s a great learning lesson. Everyone should know the angel shot.

“It’s just a great way to make sure we all feel safe.”

The video got a lot of attention, with one person saying, “An angel shot with lime actually saved my life. Thanks for posting that.”

Another replied, “You are an angel for posting this.”

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