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When it comes to cocktails, everyone has their own tastes. Maybe you like sugary drinks, but not also sweet or maybe you’re not sure if you prefer gin or vodka. Can’t decide which mixed drink you should ask the bartender for? Astrology can help you make decisions and could explain why some drinks are ultimately more appealing than others. Read on to find out the best cocktail to order for your zodiac sign, according to astrologers.

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Aries are independent and confident, so they don’t mind someone judging them for their drink order. And finally, they want something simple. Jill Loftis, astrologer and founder of Nuit Astrology, recommends that this no-frills sign order a bourbon, clean because they “don’t need anything fancy and they’re not here to gamble.” Bourbon does the job without all the trappings of a more sophisticated cocktail order. There are no umbrellas in tropical cocktails for this direct sign.

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Bulls have a royal quality, which is why they deserve an equally elegant appetizer. Loftis suggests the May Wine, which is a German spring drink made with Riesling or another cool green white wine with a sprig of sweet herb woodruff and finished with a strawberry. Not only is it an earthy and interesting blend, but “ingredients present only during Taurus season”. If a Taurus is celebrating their birthday, this should be their favorite command.

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Boozy Refreshing French 75 Cocktail with Lemon and Champagne
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This social sign deserves a festive adult beverage worthy of its great evenings, and what better than a French 75? “This classic cocktail comes with a pedigree and historical background that will delight cerebral Geminis,” says Loftis. Not only is he an interesting choice (one that will impress any friends of a Gemini), “he seems light, sweet, and social, but he has an edge, just like them.” A French 75 is made with gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar, and it’s served in a champagne flute, making it perfect for toasting on special occasions.

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There’s nothing Cancers love more than comfort, and what’s more reassuring than what’s essentially an adult milkshake? Loftis invites you to order a piña colada for your Cancer friends. Since “water signs are very sensitive to substances of all kinds,” Loftis says it’s best to “keep it light.” Luckily, piña coladas are usually made with a pre-made mix, so they’re consistent and won’t put that sensitive sign on edge.

After all, you want them to remember a tropical getaway, not cry because they wish they were one. Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologerbelieves that a nostalgic drink like this “reminds a Cancer of childhood family gatherings, beach vacations, and long late-night conversations,” so they’ll opt for something fun every time and festive.

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gold rush drink
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For the savvy Leo, Loftis advises ordering a Gold Rush, made with bourbon, honey syrup and fresh lemon juice. This confident and creative sign loves all things “luxurious and unique”, which makes this “chic, eye-catching, simple and straightforward” a must, even if it’s not on the menu.

Honigman adds that Leos have “impeccable style and taste, and they like everyone to know it,” which is why they always order something a little mysterious.

Night caps, sazerac

Virgos are extremely factual, which is why they need a nightcap with what Loftis calls “very specific ingredients.” A Sazerac is made by mixologists with rye whisky, a lump of sugar, Peychaud bitters and anise liqueur. It should impress those around them and taste the same no matter where they order it. This analytical sign won’t have to spend time scrolling through menus when they already know they want that historic cocktail.

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Libras are “balanced, classic and elegant,” according to Loftis, which is exactly how someone would describe an Aperol Spritz. This refreshing drink isn’t too strong, so Libras can have a fun night out and flirt with everyone around them while sipping on their summer refreshment.

the bartenders can refill your drink if you ask nicely

Loftis encourages Scorpios to opt for a good Scotch because it’s as simple as them. And since Scorpios can often seem intense, they will appreciate “the peat buildup of decaying matter that is burned to dry.” It’s perfect for a night of brooding by the fire and bullying everyone around them.

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A wild Sagittarius should order a margarita with a few shots of tequila on the side, just in case they want a really wild night. “This sign likes to have a good time, and this sweet-but-salty combination is perfect,” says Loftis.

A fresh margarita with a salty edge is perfect for the festive zodiac sign. “The party doesn’t start until Sagittarius walks in, and a margarita is a party in a glass,” says Honigman. This makes them the perfect choice for an adventurous and sociable sign.

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If you have a Capricorn pal, you’ve probably seen them order a martini and give the bartender extremely specific instructions. Loftis says it’s because it’s a “classic combination for a classic sign.” This sign likes to feel powerful and what could be more influential than asking for an extremely elegant command with a major kick?

According to Honigman, this ambitious sign justifies an equally laborious drink. An espresso martini is perfect because it wakes you up and makes you drunk at the same time. Honigman describes it as “an effortlessly elegant cocktail with a playful twist,” which is perfect for a sometimes intimidating Capricorn.

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two cherry midori sours
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Aquarians don’t want medium booze, and you certainly won’t find them opting for a beer. Instead, they should try a Midori Sour, as it’s “a quirky green drink for our slightly extraterrestrial Aquarius friends,” says Loftis. Since it’s made with Midori liquor, it’s bright green, so it will stand out like an Aquarius.

pink palomas, three glasses with grapefruit

If you’re a water sign that stands at the bar, consider ordering a Paloma, made with tequila, grapefruit, and lime juice. Loftis recommends that this sensitive sign make them less alcoholic with “a touch of seltzer water,” to create “a nice sweet-salty balance, just like the two sides of a changing Pisces.”

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