Three minutes, three questions: artist Olivia Martin


On display :

Olivia Martin

WHEN — 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and before performances of “The Revolutionists”

WHERE – Zephyr Blevins Gallery at Arkansas Public Theater at Victory in Rogers

No cost


“When I met Olivia Martin, it was before I read the script for ‘The Revolutionists,'” says Lisa Turpin, director of operations at Arkansas Public Theater. “I immediately knew she was special in the way you recognize a kindred spirit. She is beautiful, lively, funny and endearing.

“Fast forward to read the script. ‘The Revolutionists’ is a very powerful story about women changing the world through words, art and action. Olivia’s art reminded me of several lines of the show about impossible beauty standards and women always having to change the way they look and fit. Her work is wonderfully feminine, body positive and embraces the female form in all shapes and sizes. It was obvious that this was kind of divine thing, so I asked her if she would be interested in showing in the Zephyr Blevins Gallery. I’m so excited to find such a wonderful young woman who has her security in her talent and help her get started!”

Martin answered these three questions for What’s Up!

Q. Where did you grow up? Was art important to you?

A. I grew up in Gravette in a stone and log house built by my great-grandfather. I lived with my parents and three younger sisters. Our home was very art and music oriented growing up. As homeschoolers, we had more time to explore our creative side: we were encouraged to create art often and took many music lessons.

Q. What made you want to do art? And what were the first mediums you worked with?

A. Art has always been an integral part of my life and I have used it to express myself and represent subjects that I consider important. I am mostly inspired by people. I generally prefer to do portraits because I feel like I’m able to tell part of that person’s story through the art I create. My first mediums were paint and charcoal, but I quickly learned digital art, and it has been my preference ever since.

Q. Tell me about your life now — where is your house? school? work? And what kind of art do you do?

A. I am currently a senior at Missouri Southern State University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I currently live in the campus dorms with amazing roommates. I only live an hour from my house, so I come quite often to see my family. I’m currently working as a social media manager and graphic designer at KM Guru Marketing with a great team – and I’ve learned a lot so far. Most of the work I am currently creating is for various class projects; However, when I have time to create art for myself, I like to create portraits in different styles that I believe have meaningful meaning or purpose. Much of my more recent work has focused on female body positivity because I think it’s important to highlight this sometimes daily struggle and remind other women that they are not alone and that our bodies are amazing.

“The first piece that I am delighted to show [at APT] is called “Love Yourself”, explains the artist Olivia Martin. “This was my starter piece for the body positive/women’s empowerment task force that I created. It’s a somewhat minimal piece that I created from my own body, and its purpose was to remind me that I deserve love. This is also an augmented reality poster, so with the Artivive app, if you hold your phone over the poster, the animation I created to go with this piece plays. (Courtesy image)
photo “The second track I’d like to talk about is called ‘Midnight,'” Martin continues. “This is a high contrast black and white digital painting of a young woman sitting on a windowsill, feeling the evening breeze on her skin. I wanted to use it to show confidence and sex -appeal we often feel when alone and in the dark and to encourage women to remember that same feeling when they step into the light.(Courtesy image)

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