Turning celebrity photography into a viable source of income

Celebrity photography is a fascinating career that is achieved through passion, hard work, and building a clientele. It is an aspect of the photography business that deals with luxury photography and covers the events and milestones of celebrities, business people, high net worth individuals and politicians.

It is also associated with taking lifestyle portraits, wedding photography and videography. The name Kelechi Amadi-Obi, TY Bello, Bayo Omoboriowo, Tolani Alli, Wale Visual, Damilola Elliot to name a few are successful professionals in the world of photography and have carved out a place for themselves in the photography of celebrities. Some of the names mentioned have become official photographers of the President and Vice President of Nigeria, a former President of Nigeria.

Celebrity photographers have gone from being ordinary professional photographers to steadily developing their craft, becoming those who are courted by celebrities.
To make a fortune in this career, you really have to know your onions and develop your craft and find your niche. Money can be made by selling your photographs to magazines and media that need them.

With the advent of technology, the photography industry has become very competitive as an average individual owns smart phones with high pixel resolutions, but how many can maximize their use?

The services of professional photographers are always in demand at events and festivities. To become a photographer, you must be accessible and your equipment ready to serve your clients.

With different cameras ranging from N400,000 to millions, you have to start somewhere and get one that can be used. The need for a studio cannot be overstated to process your shots.

According to Adewale Enikuemehin James known as Wale Visual, passion and honesty are essential virtues for a career in photography. “Celebrity photography involves creativity and you need to be able to use the technology at your disposal to take great photos that your clients will love and want to patronize you again and again and refer their friends to. Be known for your work first and others will fall into place as you progress through it”.

Celebrity photographers are indeed making a fortune from their works and this cannot be linked to compensation. In a month, a professional photographer can earn a minimum of over fifty thousand naira per month from events based on negotiation skills, not to mention a celebrity photographer who often travels with clients to cover their programs.

Celebrity photographers in Europe and America are sometimes called paparazzi who sometimes stalk stars to take rare shots of them.
According to Damilola Elliot, CEO of Damell Photography, known for being the official photographer for The Experience music concert, becoming a celebrity photographer requires one to hone their craft and be very outgoing. He listed five things that a celebrity or aspiring photographer must imbibe in order to make a fortune with their career.

1. You must be a very sociable person, constantly aware of the latest trends and events in the life of celebrities.

2. Ability to be creative and have the right equipment to meet your needs.

3. One can be a freelance photographer who has captured the images and uses them on their website, for exhibitions or sells them to magazines or blogs. You can also be an employee of a magazine or a blog whose job is to photograph celebrities for a fee. It could also be a combination of the two.

4. You have to be very sociable and constantly improve your art.

5. Your earnings are relative. From zero Naira to whatever price you put on your work.

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