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Photo Correspondent / Melissa Channell Kim Guthridge Floyd of Warren, owner of Phoenix Photography, shows a photo she took of Warren G. Harding’s football team.

WARREN – Kim Guthridge Floyd is made of solid stuff. Growing up with three brothers – Jack, Bob and Mark Guthridge – can have that effect.

She has been married for 30 years to her husband, Phillip, who is a disabled veteran with Parkinson’s disease. Kim Floyd is also a veteran. She served in the military and was stationed as a guard in Washington, DC under former President Ronald Reagan.

Floyd, who owns a photography business called Phoenix Photography, recently showed a photo of a field of sunflowers that was used by Austintown artist Ron Moore Jr. (who also has Parkinson’s disease) as a source of inspiration. inspiration for a painting that raised $30,000 to send to a Ukrainian fund. . She said her photo and Moore’s subsequent painting show the importance of collaboration.

Floyd is a self-proclaimed tomboy. His older brother played baseball with Major League pitcher Dave Dravecky at Boardman High School and later joined the Navy. He died in an industrial accident in Virginia.

Floyd said she first became interested in the sport when she was 4 years old and was the batgirl for her brothers’ T-ball team. She also became interested in photography around the same age when her grandmother gave her an old camera.

Floyd grew up in Boardman, attended the Boardman Local School District, and played every sport possible growing up. In fact, she was a member of Boardman’s first football team.

However, his dreams of continuing to play sports ended in a championship softball game against a team from New York.

“I was hit so hard in the back of the head that my skull cracked open and I was not allowed to play anymore,” he added. said Floyd.

This injury was the catalyst for his decision to pick up his camera. And because Floyd could no longer play sports, his next natural choice was to photograph sports. She began photographing school sports and took photos of Lynn Bowden Jr. while he was playing for Warren G. Harding High School.

Floyd’s love for sports and photography has her dreaming of becoming a photographer for a professional sports team or a sports magazine. She said the quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” by Fred R. Barnard influenced her, and she wants “inspire young women to become sports photographers.”

Floyd likes to think of her mother and brother who look down on her and are proud.

“I am a strong supporter of women’s sport and the youth of today”, she says.

Floyd begins photographing T-ball kids and follows them through to graduation.

She likes to see “the children light up when they see her arriving with her camera”, and it’s “It’s great to see how they are improving over the years.”

Floyd will photograph boys’ and girls’ sports teams, but her heart is in being a role model and encouragement for women’s sports.

The name of Floyd’s photography studio, Phoenix Photography, comes from his motto, “Sometimes you have to die a little inside to be reborn and resurrect a stronger, wiser version of yourself.”

“With all that I have already been through in life, I consider myself a phoenix. A phoenix symbolizes eternity, strength and renewal. said Floyd.

She said she believes part of God’s plan for her is to be able to help show these young athletes and their abilities, and also to show young women that being a female sports photographer is possible.

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