DVIDS – News – Oklahoma National Guard soldiers train with Fort Sill Garrison

FORT SILL, Oklahoma (June 15, 2022) Thirty-one Oklahoma National Guard Soldiers with the 745th Military Police Detachment are spending their annual training (AT) at Fort Sill to earn their MP certifications.

They perform all the duties of a deputy and work side-by-side with Army and Department of the Army civilian police officers at Fort Sill’s Directorate of Emergency Services (DES).

“It’s great to come to Fort Sill to do our TA because it allows me to work in the field in my MOS (military occupational specialty) with experienced deputies and civilian police,” said Spc. Kailyn Cobo, 745th MP Detachment. “At Fort Sill, we partner with a deputy and do a full shift where we use our training and skills as deputies. We’re getting a lot of calls and there’s a lot of action. It’s fun to be an MP.

According to Cobo, coming to Fort Sill for their two-week TA is better than the alternative – training soldiers instead of training MPs. “We train all year to come here and use our training and skills as MPs,” said Cobo, a bartender in her day job.

The 31 Soldiers, based in Mustang, Oklahoma, are here June 5-18 for their TA, said Sgt. 1st Class Stephen Gontz, Detachment Sergeant, 745th MP Detachment.

“For the first three days, five officers were trained in basic drug suppression, coordinated by Special Agent Andrew Simerson, Team Leader, Drug Suppression Team, U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division , Central Field Office, Fort Sill, while the others completed command and control training,” Gontz said.

This is the second year soldiers from the 745th MP have played at Fort Sill, Gontz said. In the past, they trained at a civilian police facility in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.

“They really weren’t getting as much hands-on experience working at Chaffee as I thought they could get at Fort Sill,” Gontz said.

Gontz, whose civilian job is an investigative analyst with the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigations Division, Fort Sill Central Office, worked with post officials to get the 745th MP trained at Fort Sill for the second year.

“Training plans follow the United States Military Police Academy Law Enforcement Certification Program,” he said. “It outlines a lot of training that you need to take and sign up to become certified.”

MP training covers vehicle and individual searches, individual proficiency, force levels, capabilities and less-lethal munitions, a radar gun class and tactical medical training, Gontz said. NCOs from the 745th MP provided most of the training.

Soldiers must qualify on the M4 carbine rifle and M9 pistol during the Law Enforcement Weapons Training Course, a timed tactical range specifically for police, Gontz said. Soldiers also receive briefings from Fort Sill subject matter experts in law and counterterrorism/force protection.

“Soldiers completed range qualifications by June 8,” said Capt. Bradley McGinnis, Detachment Commander, 745th MP. “Then they partner with DES and do full shifts where they patrol, work in the military police office, rotate into the military police investigations section, and ride with US Fish and Wildlife officers. Service.”

“It’s a good bond with the deputies here,” said Colonel Darrin Fox, battalion commander, 345th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. “Coming to Fort Sill allows soldiers to execute their training and perform our mission critical tasks for annual training.”

Gontz said he knows the Soldiers are happy to receive hands-on training at Fort Sill. “I can tell they love it every day because they all walk around with a smile on their face.”

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