Jury set to make decision in Sebastian Dvorak murder trial

BALTIMORE – The retrial of a young man accused of robbing and killing Sebastian Dvorak will soon have a verdict.

Dvorak was a beloved Cantonese bartender who was robbed and killed after picking up snacks at the Royal Farms on Key Highway.

It has been almost five years since Sebastian was killed.

This week, Malik Mungo was on trial for the second time, accused of pulling the trigger.

His family will have to wait another weekend for a jury decision as they were sent home overnight after deliberating today.

In 2017, Sebastian Dvorak celebrated his 27th birthday.

“Sebass,” as his friends called him, was robbed and shot on Boston Street in Canton.

Surveillance video shows his final moments, when his path collided with a 16-year-old looking to rob someone.

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“We pray for justice for Sebastian,” said his father David Dvorak. “It’s been a long time coming.”

Malik Mungo was not convicted of murder or robbery in 2019.

The judge declared the trial canceled.

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Mungos’ defense maintained he was not responsible for shooting Sebastian.

Dvorak’s family were waiting outside the circuit courthouse before the decision to recess for the weekend.

They have been waiting for a long time.

Around this time, they decided to do something to honor Sebastian and help prevent further tragedies.

“Sebastian’s friends, he had a lot, and we created a foundation called the Sebass Foundation,” David said. “Over the past 4 years, we have raised over $ 100,000 to provide ski lessons for downtown kids, Harlem Lacrosse or the First Tee Foundation who play golf.”

They want to create hope in the city so that another young person does not decide that their only option is to shoot someone in the street.

“Someone testified in these trials at one point that Sebastian in shock said ‘why did you do this’ after being shot,” David said. “I can imagine his shock because he really meant the best in people. Even being robbed, I can imagine him in shock that he was shot. I know he would have done anything to get something good out of it.

The jury will be back on Monday morning.

Next month, the Sebass Foundation is organizing its biggest fundraiser, to find out more, click on here.

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